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15 - 16 June, 2022

15 - 16 June, 2022|London


The Edge Event is pleased to offer you a wide range of on trend news stories, exclusive interviews, reports and webinars focused around edge computing networks and technologies. Delve inside to discover the latest in edge computing news today...

Report: The Edge In the Eye of the Beholder

With so many variations of The Edge being created, this report from Omdia examines the true play of Edge today, delving into key topics for cloud providers and vendors, including:

  • How early development of edge services will progress
  • How vendors in the ecosystem can create new streams of revenue through The Edge
  • Key early-stage partnerships and ecosystem developments to drive Edge services
  • Recommendations for cloud providers and others
  • How telcos will be partnering with the wider ecosystem to define the edge


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Mind Commerce Report

Market Assessment and Forecasts 2017-2022

This report evaluates Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) technology, architecture and building clocks, applications, solutions, and deployment challenges. Download the report today to learn about industry initiatives, leading companies, and solutions across the edge computing ecosystem...


Vodafone and AWS Kickstart War on Latency with UK 'Edge' Launch

Watching a violent collision in ice hockey makes a lot of people flinch. A few years ago, it made Peter Husemeyer immediately want to know just how bad the impact was. That moment was the genesis of Sportable, the sports technology and analytics company that Husemeyer co-founded in 2015. It now looks set to be one of the first organizations that will make use of a new "edge" service developed in the UK by Vodafone and AWS.

Liberty Global Risks Losing Way with 'AtlasEdge' Data Center Plan

Spinning off property assets has quickly become the latest craze among Europe's debt-burdened telcos. The usual gambit involves the towers that operators decorate with mobile network equipment. But Liberty Global – a relatively towers-light cable operator – is bidding adieu to its data centers instead.

Podcast: Distributed Cloud Brings Edge to Enterprises

IBM's Bill Lambertson and Lumen Technologies' Dave Shacochis join the podcast to discuss the distributed cloud and how it supports delivery of edge computing resources to enterprises.

15 - 16 June, 2022


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15 - 16 June, 2022


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Verizon launches private edge compute platform with Microsoft, as promised

Verizon is furthering its push into the private mobile networks space by making available a private mobile edge cloud computing solution to businesses.

The US operator has teamed up with Microsoft to launch the snappily titled Verizon 5G Edge with Microsoft Azure Stack Edge cloud computing platform, as promised when it announced its partnership with the software giant last autumn.

Managed edge services revenue expected to hit $2.8 billion by 2025

Telcos, network vendors, hyperscalers and IT providers have been working overtime to hype up multi-access edge computing (MEC), and that excitement is trickling down to the enterprise market.

NEC and AWS expand partnership to drag 5G even further into the cloud

Tech heavyweights AWS and NEC are expanding their existing collaboration to deliver cloud native 5G, enhanced digital government solutions, as well as hybrid cloud.

15 - 16 June, 2022


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