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The Quantum Computing Summit Silicon Valley
3 November 2021
Santa Clara Convention CenterSilicon Valley



At Classiq, we believe that quantum algorithms should be limited only by ingenuity and imagination, not by laborious gate-level design. That’s why we created our Quantum Algorithm Design software platform that helps quantum teams model, optimally synthesize, analyze and debug quantum algorithms that were previously impossible to create.

Quantum Algorithm Design is the process of automating quantum programming tasks such as resource estimation, quantum arithmetic, state preparation, or performing system-wide optimizations to meet a set of constraints - such as the number of qubits, maximum circuit depth, or a desired level of entanglement.

For systems with a small number of qubits, Classiq makes difficult tasks easy. For future systems with a larger number of qubits, Classiq makes impossible design tasks possible. Talk to us today or visit to see how our software can help you reach new quantum heights.