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Technology Rethink Research


Rethink Technology Research has established itself over its 17 years history as a thought leader in 5G, and all forms of wireless; the entertainment eco-system and streaming media; the Internet of Things, and has now embarked on renewable energy through its new service Rethink Energy.

Unlike some analyst groups, we don’t sugar coat how tough the future will be – we prides ourselves on telling you the news you need to hear, not the news you want to hear.

We are perhaps best known for our long-form articles produced for our weekly research services, Wireless Watch (5G and wireless networks), Faultline (entertainment ecosystem and streaming media), Riot (LPWANs & IoT Networks, Smart Homes & Buildings, Smart Grid, and Automotive Electrification), and now Rethink Energy (disruption in renewables).

Rethink offers two streams of market intelligence – first simple periodicals, weekly round-ups of events embedded with pearls of wisdom from our in-house experts; secondly formal revenue forecasts for sub-sectors of each market. Separate from this we provide consulting, advice and white papers to anyone in these technology sub-sectors.

Rethink has been publishing, forecasting and consulting since 2002 and some of our team has been involved in technology since 1978.

We have a reputation for telling it like it is, and offering forecasts that can go up as well as down. Rethink is well-known for independent thought, and challenging the status quo.

Most major technology businesses have used Rethink for some form of consulting at some point in their history – and we have done everything from writing business plans, stimulating boardroom discussion and helping on business launch decisions, selecting suppliers, finding sources of capital, writing white papers, and challenging the thinking of strategy groups.

Why Video, IoT, Wireless and Energy?

To us these four areas are the most interesting and richest eco-systems in technology – cellular has massive challenges ahead, but remains one of the largest industries in the world. Video is the final frontier for many digital technologies, the toughest test of any network is to carry video reliably. The internet of things teaches us to think differently about how to structure billions of devices talking to cloud apps. Energy has always been a major industry, but it has gone from being predictable and stable, to being disrupted by both climate change politics and the economy of underlying renewable energy devices.