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VideoTech Innovation Awards
7 November 2023
Church House Westminster, London
7 November 2023
Church House Westminster, London

The Awards Categories

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The 2023 Awards are closed for submissions.

2023 Categories

Please note categories marked with an *  are awarded to individuals and there is no charge. 

Entries are £349 + 20% VAT each or £309 + 20% VAT each when you submit 3 entries or more (excluding the individual awards). 

Advanced TV Innovation of the Year

Technologies that change the way people use and view TV are immensely powerful tools for TV operators and content providers as well as for consumers themselves. The Advanced TV Innovation award will go to a technology or service that has delivered a new and better form of TV experience – whether by enabling viewers to view content in new ways, by overcoming a technical or commercial challenge in bringing new services to market or delivering a measurable improvement in the overall quality of a service.

Advanced TV Service of the Year

Some video services immediately stand out and set the standard for others to follow. The Advanced TV Service of the Year award will be presented to a video service provider that has truly delivered something new and compelling to the market that meets the needs of consumers through genuine innovation.

The Super Aggregator Award

As streaming grows in popularity and pay TV service providers adjust to a world where consumers demand every greater choice and flexibility, serving as a ‘super aggregator’ of multiple app-based services is becoming the norm. This award goes to a service provider or service-enabling technology that has gone beyond aggregating multiple direct-to-consumer apps by offering compelling additional ‘super aggregator’ functionality to its customers.

NEW: Sports Streaming Innovation of the Year

Distributing live sports via streaming is a challenging but potentially revolutionary development in the delivery and consumption of sports. This award goes to an innovation that delivers compelling new sports viewing experiences.

NEW: Content Distribution Innovation of the Year

Streaming, which has revolutionized video consumption, presents different challenges and opportunities to legacy broadcast tech. This award goes to a new technology or innovative implementation of a technology – for example video processing or CDN technology – that has helped deliver video to end-users efficiently and in high quality.

FAST Innovation of the Year

Free Advertising-supported Streaming Television is growing rapidly as content rights holders seek to monetise existing assets and expand their streaming reach beyond SVOD. This award goes to a compelling technology or service innovation in the FAST space that has made a significant postive impact in the last year.

AI and Machine Learning Innovation of the Year

The application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to video distribution is still in its infancy but promises to transform the business in multiple ways. This award will honour the most innovative use of AI or ML in the context of video distribution over the course of the year.

Streaming Service Innovation of the Year

New and established content service providers are seeking to build compelling streaming offerings at a time of intensifying competition in the digital video distribution space. This award goes to a ground-breaking offering, service initiative or technology that has met with market success in the last year.

Streaming Platform Technology of the Year

The increasingly competitive nature of the streaming business means that content service providers are under pressure to get services up and running quickly, operating efficiently and at a high standard. The Streaming Platform Technology of the Year award recognises a platform technology that enables streaming service providers to deliver a best-in-class service to its target audience.

The Revenue Security Award

Ensuring that service providers’ revenues are protected is critical to their commercial survival and success. Revenue security encompasses everything from antipiracy measures to ensuring that consumers are encouraged and incentivised to pay for services. This award goes to a service or technology innovation that has had a measurable positive impact on revenue security over the last year.

UX and Content Discovery Award

With more content coming from more soruces, enabling viewers to find the services and content they want is becoming of crucial importance in preventing churn, enhancing revenue and improving overall satisfaction. The UX and Content Discovery award goes the most compelling innovation in improving the user journey and matching users with content they want to watch.

Next-Gen Advertising Award

With linear TV viewing facing a long-term decline, the lifeblood of free TV – advertising – is under threat. But broadcasters and brands are working hard to experiment with and deploy targeting, personalisation, branded content and interactive campaigns. The Next Gen Advertising Award goes to the most outstanding innovation that is helping advertisers and media owners increase the value and appeal of advertising and open up new ways to monetise content effectively. 

Video Technologist of the Year*

Innovation in technology and services can’t happen without the involvement of highly talented staff and managers. This award will go to a senior video industry technologist responsible for delivering a particularly compelling and impactful consumer video service.

Lifetime Achievement Award*

Success is hard-won in the TV world. Repeated success is even harder. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises an outstanding individual who has achieved the rare distinction of delivering, inspiring or executing innovation time and again over the course of their career.