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Latest VSAT interviews, reports & whitepapers from the satellite industry

Exclusive Interview with Alvaro Sanchez, CEO at INTEGRASYS

Learn more satellite insights for telcos from INTEGRASYS CEO and Marquess of Antella (Noble Title from 17th century in Spain), Alvaro Sanchez! 

Watch the full conversation by clicking here.

A Chat with the Chair, Elisabeth Tweedie from Definitive Direction

Find out the key "ingredient" and more...

We sat down with the chair of VSAT Global 2019 and owner of Definitive Direction, Elisabeth Tweedie, to get her perspective on the satellite sector. With a plethora of commercial satellites, telecommunications and broadcasting under her professional belt, learn more about her views on everything from 5G deployments and integrations, to the main industry challenges and key "ingredient" to overcome these...

Talkin' trends and teleport infrastructure with Guido Neumann, CEO & Co-Founder at CETel

Get a satellite snapshot from this year's speaker...

Fresh from being voted 'Teleport Executive of the Year 2019' by the World Teleport Association (WTA), we caught up with Guido Neumann, CEO & Co-Founder at CETel, for a few words ahead of his on-stage interview at VSAT Global & Next Generation Satellite Applications in London.



“Users want them to connect to the earth ― because without that, satellites are useless ― but satellite technology is complex, and the tools to understand how they are performing can be even more complex". Alvaro Sanchez, CEO of Integrasys discusses the intricacies and importance of satellite solutions. Why is this relevant? Because satellite networks are taking off. With this in mind - how are you staying ahead of the competition? To get some inspirational answers, we've partnered up with Integrasys to gain industry knowledge on why VSAT is essential for global connectivity.

Meet Ronald Van der Breggen from LeoSat

An Exclusive Interview

We had the privilege to chat to LeoSat Enterprises' Chief Commercial Officer, Ronald Van der Breggen, at last year's VSAT Global & Next Generation Satellite Applications event. Ronald returns to the stage on 18-19 September to discuss the economics of LEO and its current competitive standpoint on the LEO Panel, as well as guiding us through the steps of 'Growing the Pie' and exploring how the satellite sector can venture into new markets in his keynote presentation. Here's a retrospective of what you can expect from Ronald at VSAT Global 2019...

We Chat to Mauricio Segovia from AxeSat

Why HTS is a big hit in Latin America...

"HTS is a late addition in the Latin American markets compare to other places around the world. Therefore, only until the second half of 2017 did significant amount of HTS capacity become available in the region." There's plenty more insights into this emerging market in the full interview...

Read the Ovum Report


What are the critical elements to ensure a NewSpace IoT ecosystem flourishes? In this insightful 5-minute read, the experts at Ovum recommend you follow four main acceleration tactics to help transform the challenges and restrictions affecting satellite connectivity today.

Interview with Mark Brady from CB 2.0 Communications

The Thing About Flat Pack Antennas Is...

We caught up with Mark Brady - Managing Partner at CB 2.0 Communications - before his 'Shark Tank' panel took a chunk of our attention at VSAT Global last year! Discover more about his professional views on the latest developments in the flat pack antenna market, how he thinks the industry is going to evolve and the greatest opportunities in the satellite sector.

Get Connected with Max Kamenetsky at Loon

Look up at the balloons bringing us together...

We sat down with Loon's Product Management expert, Max Kamenetsky, to learn more about the fleet of balloons that have been launched into orbit around the edge of space, designed to deliver connectivity to people in a myriad of communities around the world. No, this is not a colourful Pixar movie come to life - this is REAL life.