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Speaker Interview with Guido Neumann, CEO & Co-Founder at CETel

Fresh from being voted 'Teleport Executive of the Year 2019' by the World Teleport Association (WTA), we caught up with Guido Neumann, CEO & Co-Founder at CETel, for a few words ahead of his on-stage interview at VSAT Global & Next Generation Satellite Applications in London.

Here we get straight to the point to learn more about the challenges in teleport infrastructure and the trends appearing on the 5-10 year horizon... 

Learn more from a CEO's vantage point...

What are the main challenges of the teleport infrastructure?

Cost sensitiveness plays an increasing role in the overall ecosystem of satellite communications and will also become more important for teleport infrastructure and operations. A further main challenge is going from a single teleport structure to a global teleport network that is prepared for upcoming constellations and ready to adapt new technologies.

With the competitive New Space race making waves, what solutions should businesses be focusing on?

New space includes new technologies, new rocket launches, new satellite constellations (LEO/MEO), new satellites (HTS, Smallsats). Also new applications (IoT, M2M) and new missions. As a service provider we focus on special verticals, where reliable satellite communications plus additional value added services will be key for successful customer operations. Besides oil-and-gas, mining, government the overall mobility sector (maritime, automotive, aeronautics) will play a significant role in the “New space” age. Another focus should be on the permanent improvement and enhancement of communications infrastructure of those key verticals.

Where do you see the trends in the industry going, e.g. in the next 5 to 10 years, including your outlook on the market of satellite communications in Middle East and Africa?

Prices on space segment and service provisioning will further decrease and hopefully also the prices for terminals, modems and antennas will go down. In combination with state-of-the art and very competitive teleport operations and services this will for sure enable the demand to further increase and access new industry segments to leverage the advantages of satellite communications.

Which VSAT Global session topics interest you the most and why?

As usual, VSAT Global addresses the latest trends and industry opportunities and challenges. The Leaders’ Panel with "Exploring next generation satellite applications around the globe" is of course a highlight and fantastic start point for the VSAT Global.

For this year’s event, I am definitely looking forward to the LEO panel, as this New Space development carries vast chances and once operationalized has the power to tremendously change the global (satellite) communications landscape and its operations.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the VSAT Global series – how does it stand out to you from other conferences and how do you think it has evolved?

I'm glad to be part of this fantastic industry and it is always a pleasure to participate at this highly professional conference. It is truly my yearly “must-go” event and a perfect setting to liaise with partner, suppliers and business peers. Content and agenda are highly knowledgeable and always on the pulse of latest developments and challenges in our exciting industry.


We've got unmissable panels at this year's VSAT Global & Next Generation Satellite Applications, with deep-dive discussions, dedicated to 5G, IoT, LEO, Maritime, Aero and more! Plus, there are keynote presentations to give you a snapshot into the latest industry innovations...