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Interview with Mark Brady, Managing Partner at CB 2.0 Communications

In the lead up to this year's event, we caught up with Mark Brady to find out his view on the latest developments in the flat pack antenna market, how he thinks the industry is going to evolve and the greatest opportunities for satellite at this moment in time.

Don't miss his shark tank panel session on flat pack antennas at 12:10 on September 19th.

Here's what he had to say...

What is your view of the latest developments in the Flat Panel Antenna market?

A low cost 2.0 version of the flat panel antenna is the “critical link” for any successful NGSO business plan. While flat panel antennas have been under development for well over 40 years It will most likely be another 3-5 years to have cost competitive flat panel antennas for the various announced NGSO communication networks. There currently are at least a dozen viable entities both new startups and established companies that will provide competing technology and product alternatives to the various NGSO market. Initial products will start with AERO and High-end/ High-value Mobility markets. Current costs range from $10K – 100K+, while the second generation/Flat Panel 2.0 will better serve the other 95% of the market with costs from less than $100 to $1000+. Flat Panels with passive elements and/or less active elements show promise of significantly lower costs.

At the VSAT Global event, you will be joining a panel about the satellite industry in 5 years' and in 10 years' time - What are your views on how the industry is likely to evolve?

In Ten Years time, China will have surpassed the US as the largest economy in the World, We will have our 1st female step on a new planet (I do not believe it will be Elon Musk’s mother ), and there will not be dozens of NGSO broadband constellations.

We can have new ‘complementary’ orbits that can provide non-interfering ‘hybrid’ growth spectrum and capacity at significantly lower costs across an entire hemisphere are a game-changer. But most importantly “Technology” will not be the main discussion point. A satellite service will be a seamlessly delivered IP service to end user / customers to drive the respective markets. 100Mbps – 1Gbps Speeds competitive with terrestrial delivery options. Seamless Integration into terrestrial IP networks providing critical service and support of the 5G rollouts.

Dramatic technology changes and maturation of existing developments in 10 years to be almost indistinguishable from some of the science fiction of today… For example; 100X use launchers with weekly launch schedules, Scalable Software defined modular Satellites to be assembled and even manufactured in space. Ultra High Throughput Digital payloads and DRA (Direct Radiating Antennas) that are frequency agnostic, Multifrequency/Multibeam ESMA (Electronically Steerable Multibeam Antenna) that will be able to operate with multiple satellites, Modem Chip sets 1024 APSK (equivalent) Beam hopping modulation with variable a 1000 Ms/ Ghz wide channels

Where do the greatest opportunities for the satellite industry lie at this moment in time (July 2018)?

A “NewSpace” ecosystem is emerging, similar to when the “apps” in the Apple Store were launched 10 years ago, it will be the New Space software product developments that assist in monetizing data collected from various sources and focus on providing new values a given customer / market. The new “Service products” that have both scalability and agnostic as to where/ source the “data” actually comes from. Ubiquitous connectivity for Big Data, 5G seamless connections, content to edge, and ‘everywhere’ IoT & Connected Car solutions are satellite’s strengths – and where we see the greatest opportunities.

What are you looking forward to most with regards to participating in the VSAT Global event in London in September?

Meeting new contacts and catching up with existing ones.