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Interview with Ronald Van Der Breggen, Chief Commercial Officer at Leosat

In the lead up to this year's event, we caught up with Ronald Van Der Breggen to find out his view on the latest developments for the LEO constellation, the latest products and innovations he is working on and what he thinks the greatest opportunities for satellite at this moment in time.

Don't miss Ronald's live interview on stage, 'Evolving your business model to LEO and its relationship with GEO' on September 19th at 13:00.

Here's what he had to say...

What is your view of the latest developments for the LEO constellation?

It is true that when developing LEO solutions, there are many design options. At LeoSat we continue to set ourselves apart from the rest in LEO and MEO by focusing on carrier grade, quality services suited for businesses and government. This is a very different service proposition than pretty much everyone else offering low cost, best effort type services for the masses. Our design is a mix of both satellite and data-networking technologies and is put together by people coming from both those industries. So when talking about latest developments it is not about the latest and greatest technologies, it is more about getting the right design for the mission critical applications our constellation needs to support. It is in this area where we continue to make progress and de-risk at the same time.

Which latest new products or innovations is your company currently working on?

LeoSat currently has one mission and all our product innovations are geared around that: develop the first business data-backbone in space, with features and benefits beyond fiber and beyond everything else terrestrial, thus creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Where do the greatest opportunities for the satellite industry lie at this moment in time (July 2018)?

I’m surprised we’re still posing this question as if it has multiple right answers. It doesn’t. Our industry is moving from a video- to a data business and we’re in the middle of that transition. Everyone trying to find the right path for his or her company and while multiple paths are certainly possible, it shouldn’t be confused with the assumption that there are multiple opportunities. There is only one and it is Data.

What are you looking forward to most with regards to participating in the VSAT Global event in London in September?

VSAT Global is one of the main events of the year allowing everyone the opportunity to grow their network of contacts while learning new things – this is exactly what we plan on doing and we’re very much looking forward to it!