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5G Core Summit

September 2024


Welcome to the 8th edition of 5G Core Summit

Intelligent Core, Intelligent World

Summit Highlights

The 2023 event was a tremendous success.

Behind the global technological revolution, 5G has emerged as a key driver, and at the Summit, we delved into the crucial aspects of the intelligent core. The discussions revolved around 5GSA, voice, telco cloud, autonomous networks, and 5.5G core, among others. Best practices and insights from the commercial application of the 5G core were shared, facilitating faster progress and propelling us closer to an intelligent world.

The event took place in Istanbul on November 14-15 and was a platform for connecting, collaborating, and creating lasting partnerships that will have a profound impact on the 5G landscape.

We extend our appreciation to all the participants, sponsors, and speakers who contributed to making this event a remarkable success. We look forward to future opportunities to continue driving the growth and innovation of the 5G ecosystem.

Summit Insights

With a shared vision for the future of 5G core technology, our event was the perfect platform to learn, network, and collaborate. Attendees had the unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge advancements in the industry, discover groundbreaking solutions, and explore the limitless possibilities that 5G has to offer.

Interview with Roberto Kompany at Omdia

In this video interview, Sam Oakley from Informa Tech speaks with Roberto, principal analyst from Omdia, about the importance of the 5G Core Summit for the industry. They discuss how the deployment of the 5G core is the next phase for operators and how it allows them to deploy new use cases and monetize their network investments. They also highlight the demand and interest in the 5G core deployment, as well as the potential opportunities for operators in the coming years. Roberto shares his takeaways from the summit, including discussions on low latency use cases, network slicing, and the need for automation in complex networks. They conclude by looking ahead and discussing potential future topics and themes for the 5G Core Summit.

Interview with Chen Haiyong at Huawei

In this interview, Sam Oakley from Informer Tech speaks with Chen Hayang, President of Cs and IMS Domain from Huawei Cloud Core Network product line. They discuss the benefits of signaling functions in the 5G core network, as well as Huawei's recently launched iwf roaming solution and single voice core solution. Chen Hayang explains the unique value these solutions bring to operators and the impact they have had on the industry. He also shares insights on the next evolution of Huawei's products in the market.

Interview with Emir Halilovic at GlobalData

In this interview video from the 5G Core Summit 2023, Sam Oakley from Inform Tech speaks with Amir Hovic from Global Data. They discuss the importance of core network stability and resilience in the 5G industry.

Amir explains that as the development of 5G core networks progresses, there has been an increase in incidents and outages, which can be detrimental, especially when it comes to critical enterprise use cases. He highlights the need to focus on the reliability and resilience of network elements, as well as increasing observability and automation to prevent service disruptions. Amir also suggests that more attention should be given to resilience in industry standards and calls for industry cooperation and best practice sharing.

Interview with Caroline Gabriel at Analysys Mason

In this interview, Sam Oakley from Informa Tech sits down with Caroline Gabriel, Research Director from Analysis Mason, to discuss the challenges and opportunities around 5G new calling.

Gabriel explains that Analysis Mason has recently published a white paper that explores the capabilities of 5G new calling and how it can benefit both enterprises and consumers. She highlights the unique features of 5G new calling, such as its use of IMS data path for real-time two-way communication and its support for rich multimedia assets. Gabriel also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between network solution providers, chipset manufacturers, operators, and other industry players to build a strong ecosystem and realize the full potential of 5G new calling.