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5G Core Summit

September 2024



5G Core Awards 2023

The 5G Core Awards recognise and celebrate achievements, innovation and excellence within the 5G space.

Be recognized as a market-leader in the deployment of 5G Core infrastructure and solutions.

The 5G Core Awards, held on 14th November in Istanbul, was a great success. It brought together industry leaders and experts who are driving significant advancements in the deployment of 5G core infrastructure and the game-changing solutions it enables.

This prestigious Awards recognized and celebrated the remarkable achievements that are shaping the future of connectivity, paving the way for unlimited possibilities for consumers and enterprises worldwide. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and finalists who have demonstrated exemplary expertise and innovation in this ever-evolving telecommunications field.

By participating in the 5G Core Awards, organizations have showcased themselves as market-leaders in driving the evolution of 5G technology and its transformative impact on our connected world. With their continued dedication and groundbreaking solutions, they have established themselves as beacons of excellence in the deployment of 5G core infrastructure.

Categories and winners

Our carefully curated categories span the entire 5G ecosystem, recognizing achievements in: 

Best Network Reliability Solution

Congratulations to Turkcell on winning the Best Network Reliability Solution Award! 

The Best Network Reliability Solution Award recognises the operator that has built a highly stable and reliable core network. The recipient of this award continues to invest in, and improve, every aspect of its network. With a deep analysis and understanding of consumer behaviour and expectations, performing best in major cities and towns across the country.

The judges considered:

  • Performance and reliability across the country
  • Benefits to the IT directors, campus owners and operators
  • Benefit to the network users
  • Level of innovation
  • Level of stability

Best 5G Core Network Construction

Congratulations to China Broadnet on winning the Best 5G Core Network Construction Award! 

The Best 5G Core Network Construction Award recognises the operator that has built a unified centralised operation platform for the whole network. The recipient of this award has constructed a 5G core network that enables users access to stable, high-quality services, opening doors to a new wave of consumer experiences and business opportunities.

The judges considered:

  • Characteristic services beyond 3GPP
  • The transition to 5G
  • New revenue stream/enterprise customer
  • Benefits to consumer and enterprise customers
  • Level of innovation

Best Telco Cloud Practice

Congratulations to STC on winning the Best Telco Cloud Practice Award! 

The Best Telco Cloud Practice Award recognises the operator that has committed to developing a fully converged telecom cloud platform to enhance network performance and reliability. The recipient of this award is recognised for its ground-breaking cloud network connection in response to client demand for access to cloud services using an efficient, dedicated connection rather than over the internet.

The judges considered:

  • Cloud data centre status
  • Hybrid networking deployment status
  • Security and compliance
  • Benefit to the ultimate end-users
  • Level of innovation

Best Service Innovation

Congratulations to China Unicom on winning the Best Service Innovation Award!

The Best Service Innovation Award recognises the operator that has developed a new vision and service solution. Operators and telco providers and their partners continue to play a leading role at the centre of digital communication. This award category aims to recognise and reward the best operator and services across the telco and network operator markets.

The judges considered:

  • Status of solution
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Ability to support customers
  • Financial advantages of the new service solution
  • Level of innovation

Best 5G Business Development Strategy

Congratulations to Vivo on winning the Best 5G Business Development Strategy Award!

The Best 5G Business Development Strategy Award recognises the operator that has created an innovative strategy transforming user experience into package monetisation.

The judges considered:

  • Deployment strategy status
  • Optimisation strategy for automatic delivery
  • Benefit to the end-users (customers)
  • Level of innovation

5G Network Construction Efficiency Improvement

Congratulations to AIS on winning the 5G Network Construction Efficiency Improvement Award!

The 5G Network Construction Efficiency Improvement Award recognises the operator that has had significant results in improving 5G network efficiency.

The judges considered:

  • 5G network architecture efficiency improvement or topology simplification.
  • Benefit to the operator O&M dept for network configuration workload.
  • Key enhancement on network maintenance efficiency.
  • Improvement on 5G network debugging and trouble-shooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Awards questions, answered.

We’ve answered the most common questions about the 5G Core Awards here. 

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Who should enter?

Operators from around the world are invited to showcase their achievements in 5G core deployment and the game-changing services and solutions they offer.