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7-11 November 2022

7-11 November 2022

African Entrepreneurship: Hot Startups To Look Out For

African entrepreneurship is booming across the continent. Discover Connecting Africa's #HotStartup of The Month!

7-11 November 2022


July 2020

Dr CADx's solution was created to tackle the serious scarcity of radiologists, especially in developing countries. In Zimbabwe there are only 17 radiologists serving a population of about 16 million, giving a ratio of just one radiologist for every million or so people, as compared to 1:9,000 in the US.

7-11 November 2022

EDTECH SPOTLIGHT: Ethiopia's BeBlocky

August 2020

Ethiopian startup BeBlocky is trying to make learning to code easier and more accessible for young people, by turning it into a game.

7-11 November 2022


June 2020

SynCommerce emerged from the insight that SME merchants need a solution that will allow them to automatically manage their selling processes from one place, and automatically keep their data and inventory synchronized, without switching from platform to platform.

7-11 November 2022

AGRITECH SPOTLIGHT: Nigerian farmer financing platform Crop2Cash

May 2020

Founded in 2018 by Michael Ogundare, Seyi Alabi and Emem Essien, Crop2Cash has built a channel that enables payments both to farmers and by farmers. Banks and other formal lenders are able to sign in to the platform, find groups of vetted farmers that are ready to receive credit for a season, and fund them directly.

7-11 November 2022

Connectivity Spotlight: Solar-powered Wi-Fi network provider Tizeti

April 2020

Where incumbents have failed, African startups are stepping in to expand connectivity and additional services to regions where the Internet has struggled to penetrate thus far. One of the key startups doing this is Nigerian company Tizeti, founded in 2014.

7-11 November 2022

Connectivity Spotlight: Mini-Internet network provider NodeOne

March 2020

There are several reasons for digital exclusion in African countries, with pricing and education among them. But a major one is lack of adequate broadband infrastructure, and the failure of mobile network operators to extend connectivity to far-flung areas where people have lower incomes. "Mini-telecoms" are aiming to address this, and one of those is NodeOne.

7-11 November 2022

IoT Connectivity Spotlight: Refrigeration company Gricd

February 2020

Founded in 2018 by Oghenetega Iortim, Gricd builds mobile refrigeration boxes – that are solar-powered and IoT-enabled – for the transportation and storage of temperature sensitive food and medication.

7-11 November 2022

Connectivity & Finance in Africa Spotlight: Nigerian Startup OneFi

January 2020

OneFi was laaunched to provide Nigerians with access to instant loans. Founded by brothers Chijioke and Ngozi Dozie, OneFi is the parent company of what was known as Paylater, a platform launched in 2016 to provide Nigerians with access to instant loans.