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The BIG 5G’s IWCE Public Safety Summit

Join North America's largest communications technology event and attend the IWCE Summit to learn about the latest critical communications innovations.


10:30 am – 11:00 am

10:30 - 10:35 am 

Welcome: Stephanie McCall, Show Director, IWCE

10:35 am – 10:40 am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks: Donny Jackson, Editor, IWCE’s Urgent Communications

10:40 - 11:00 am

Service Provider Keynote 

11:00 am – 11:50 pm

Panel discussion - The Flavors of 5G: Definitions for Public Safety

Talk of 5G’s benefits is everywhere. And 5G offers tremendous promise with ultra-high data speeds, low latency and greater reliability. But with the change from traditional technologies like radio for voice and LTE for data, a lot of the hype still needs to be defined. Explore the difference between low and mid-band options, CBRS, millimeter wave, standalone versus non-standalone 5G and more. Understand the capacity and coverage within each of these options as well as the number of cells sites that are needed, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, and the benefits of adjacent bands in 5G.

11:50 pm – 1:00 pm

11:50 am – 12:10 pm

5G - The BIG Picture

12:15 am – 1:00 pm

5G Equipment – What Can I Buy and When?

While there is nothing specifically designed for public safety in the U.S. yet, there are a few commercial devices that provide 5G coverage. Discuss when 5G devices, 5G test equipment, 5G coverage and design tools and network slicing—all within the context of non-standalone vs. standalone 5G—will be available in the marketplace.

1:10 pm - 2:00 pm

1:10 pm - 1:30 pm

Presentation: 5G is Here and Now

This session reviews 5G enabled, cutting-edge technologies and devices that the public safety industry can adopt now and accelerate their 5G transformation. 

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Lunch and Networking


2:00 pm – 3:10 pm

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Panel: 5G Applications: What Can Public Safety Do with All This Bandwidth

As 5G coverage becomes more commonplace, what are some of the advantages for public safety? 5G’s near-zero latency, high-speed data throughput and ultra-high connective capacity enable the sharing of real-time video, as well as supporting a variety of “Smart X” Internet of Things initiatives—smart cities, smart grid, smart buildings and the Internet of Life-Saving Things (IoLST)—that can provide valuable data to first responders. Often overlooked amid talk of 5G’s high speeds is that the platform is designed to support better security and to be more reliable than previous generations of wireless.

2:45 pm - 3:10 pm

What Does the 5G Future Look Like for Public Safety?

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm

Panel: Potential Pitfalls – Things to Monitor as 5G Usage Expands

Technically, 5G and IoT can support the delivery of unprecedented data sharing, but there are a host of legal and policy questions surrounding privacy and competitive issue that need to be addressed before that vision can be realized fully. From an operational perspective, public safety would like more information about network resiliency, particularly regarding backup power, site hardening and cybersecurity as networks become increasingly dependent on software-based solutions. Meanwhile, interoperability at both the network and application layers continues to be a concern.

4:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Coffee Break & LeadersIn 5G Executive Summit

4:30 pm – 5:15 pm

Panel discussion: Looking at the Big Picture: Realizing Synergies from Upcoming Public and Private Broadband Initiatives

As 5G coverage, speeds, and capacities are rolled out across connected projects within a society, how do you not only get the technology to interoperate across these diverse segments, but also the agencies and functionaries? Whether it’s FirstNet, 911, smart cities, IoT, smart buildings or another use case, the technology may be similar – all need fast broadband, reliable connectivity, redundant operations and—increasingly—low latency, but the needs may be different at the operational level. These services start at the micro, not macro level, with local leaders setting the pace. This group of experts examines how agencies and jurisdictions can maximize efficiencies across to keep from unwanted duplicative efforts, while assessing which technology assets could be shared and which should not.

5:15 pm

Chairperson’s Closing Remarks


5:20 pm 

End of Conference


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