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Network X Americas
May 20-22, 2025
Irving Convention Center at Las ColinasDallas, Texas

Diversity and Inclusion Summit

Enhance your dedication to diversity, strengthen inclusive practices, and become a pivotal force shaping the future of telecoms equitable workplaces.

Join us at the Diversity and Inclusion Summit, where industry leaders unite to advocate for diversity, cultivate inclusion, and drive transformative change. Together, let's forge a future where every voice matters, every perspective is cherished, and every individual is empowered to thrive.

Key Topics

Case Study: A Roadmap to Success

Gain valuable insights into a proven roadmap for success in the telco sector.

Beyond Visibility: Empowering Diverse Leaders through Personal Branding

Learn how to leverage personal branding to empower the next generation of diverse leaders.

Mentorship Unleashed: Igniting SPs Leaders of Tomorrow

Discover the power of mentorship in nurturing the next generation of leaders in the telecom industry.

Neurodiversity in the Network: Fostering Inclusive Workplaces

Explore strategies for building inclusive workplaces for a multigenerational workforce.

From Words to Action: Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion Practices

Learn how to hold yourself accountable and implement sustainable diversity and inclusion practices.

Session Highlights

Outlook and Lessons Learned

Essential insights for success in the telco environment.

Beyond Networking

Harnessing personal branding for mentorship and community building.

Real-world Examples

Diverse teams thriving amidst industry challenges.

Building Inclusive Environments

Strategies for empowering all employees.

Translating Accountability

Creating a sustainable process for improvement.

Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Celebrating successes and addressing shortcomings transparently.