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09:00 09:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Chairperson’s opening remarks

  • Guy Redmill - Managing Director , Redmill Communications, UK

09:10 09:20 (10 mins)

Main agenda


What will the IMS look like in 2020?

09:20 09:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

VoLTE: The strategic top-down choice

  • The VoLTE subscriber penetration rate still relative low in most networks, although the quantity of VoLTE live network is ramping up. The need to revalue VoLTE from the viewpoint of spectrum reframing and treating VoLTE as the ‘Strategic’ top-down choice is as important as ever.
  • To accelerate VoLTE adoption, three main obstacles needs to be overcome, terminals availability, guaranteed experience and precise auto-provisioning.
  • Walter Zielinski - Senior Director, Core Network, Huawei

09:40 10:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Deploying cloud-native SBC at scale

  • As CSPs transition from a closed, hardware-based network architecture to an open, cloud-based, software-centric networks, there are a number of factors to consider to enable growth and creating innovative, dynamic services. 
  • How do I embrace modern development models like Devops and APIs?
  • What’s the best way to support cloud architectures for network optimization and intelligent distribution of functions?
  • How and where do new and emerging network technologies like SDN and VPP fit into this evolution?
  • Mike Morris - Product Technology Lead for Service Delivery Platforms, Nokia

10:00 10:40 (40 mins)

Main agenda

What’s next in the development and deployment of IMS?

Mapping the evolution of 4G networks across the globe

Mapping the evolution of IMS networks and services across the globe

How is IMS evolving in tandem with the global network footprint?

How has the EVS codec affected IMS implementations?

How is developing the IMS interconnection at the domestic and international level?

  • Moderator Guy Redmill - Managing Director , Redmill Communications, UK
  • Dario Betti - Director Product Development and Services , MTS
  • Andrzej Korzeniowski - Core Network Technology Strategy, Millicom
  • Jan Rijk Vonk - Director Innovation Strategy, KPN

10:40 11:40 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee & VIP Speed Networking

11:40 12:00 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Implementing an agile, robust and secure virtualised IMS

Ensure QoE for services such as volte that are running over an IMS network

Deliver high performance and reliability in the control plane

Can Virtualization simplify IMS?

  • Wooyong Choi - Head of IMS development , SK Telecom

12:00 12:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

vIMS on Carrier DevOps

Is the traditional IMS architecture ideally suitable for telco cloud?

Leveraging key 5G techniques and innovations to build a fresh session-control centric service platform for DevOps, microservice architecture, network slicing support, capability openness and Big Data integration

Deploying vIMS/RCS in commercial open cloud (Amazon AWS)

  • Liu Wei - IMS Chief Architect, ZTE

12:20 13:00 (40 mins)

Main agenda

How is IMS changing with NFV?

Are the benefits and features still the same?

What is the impact of multi-vendor solutions in a virtualised environment?  

Will the proliferation of open source components significantly impact operators’ IMS delivery?

  • Moderator Guy Redmill - Managing Director , Redmill Communications, UK
  • Francisco Javier Ramón Salguero - Head of Network Virtualisation, Telefonica
  • Kader Khan - Director, Simulator Business Unit, EXFO
  • Mike Dell - Director Product Marketing, Metaswitch

13:00 14:00 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Networking Lunch, Hosted Lunch Tables & Product Demonstrations

Pre-register to join our expert speakers for a networking lunch. An extended lunch with tables being hosted by industry leaders allows you to spend valuable time with key decision makers in an informal setting 

Spaces are limited to 10 people per table so make sure you sign up!

14:00 14:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

IMS Real Time Applications Customer Case Studies

What real time services are Service provides deploying onto IMS

How are current 2G/3G investments impacting

Relevance of real time applications to changing consumer behaviour

The DevOps Service Provider

  • John Tucker - Vice President Product Management, Applications, Metaswitch

14:20 14:50 (30 mins)

Main agenda

PANEL DISCUSSION: VoLTE and VoWiFi roaming – too many competing architectures

IMS calling: Who understands what the capability of the receiver is?

Streamlining competing architectures

Do standards need to be created for interoperability between carriers

Ensuring tighter security and normalized functionality in LTE roaming

  • Moderator Guy Redmill - Managing Director , Redmill Communications, UK
  • Anton Schula - Expert Service Architect, A1
  • Evgeny Kurbatov - VoLTE Technical Product Manager, Swisscom
  • Cedric Bonnet - Roaming Technical Domain Manager, Orange

14:50 15:10 (20 mins)

Main agenda

The Success of IMS Services So Far

  • Aled Rees - Senior Service Manager (Voice & Coverage), EE

15:20 16:10 (50 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee, Networking & Exhibition Visit

14:00 14:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

IMS voice communications for the Internet of Things

  • Voice and data communications sent over the IoT for industrial applications
  • Emergency services: An IoT module would sit on top of the IMS allowing traffic to flow through the IMS
  • Leveraging IMS voice communications when quality services are necessary
  • Toshiya Nakakura - Robotics, NTT Communications and Keio University

14:20 14:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Transforming the Signalling - Core for IoT

Evolving IoT Requirements

The Signalling Burden of IoT

A new Signalling Architecture for IoT

Addressing Security Threats in an IoT Network

  • Douglas Ranalli - Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, NetNumber

14:40 15:20 (40 mins)

Main agenda

How will the core network architecture evolve with 5G?

How will 5G affect the ‘intelligence’ of the network?

IMS as the decision-making engine in 5G: Call hand-offs, customer networking and more

Moving content out of the core to reduce latency and provide a better customer experience

In 5G IMS is going to have to do something different. But what?

  • Moderator Michele Zarri - Technical Director, GSMA
  • David Moro - Head of Voice & Services Platforms Technology, Global CTO Office, Telefónica
  • Hans Neff - CTO Group, ZTE Europe
  • Fatih Bastan - Core Network Planning - Product & Architecture Design Expert,, Turkcell
  • Primož Jenko - Mobile Packet Core Technology Specialist, Telekom Slovenije

15:20 16:00 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Coffee, Networking & Exhibition Visit

16:00 16:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Does the evolution to 5G equal simplified IMS?

End-to-end architecture with 5G: What are the 5G architecture principles

Where does IMS fit with new 5G concepts such as network slicing and Mobile Edge Computing?Is there a role for IMS in ensuring end-to-end communications?

  • Fatih Bastan - Core Network Planning - Product & Architecture Design Expert,, Turkcell

16:20 16:40 (20 mins)

Main agenda

IMS network slicing for next generation networks

Implement network slices using service provider SDN, NFV and network orchestration

Delivering commercial solutions using an SDN Controller to configure network service chains

Capitalising on the flexibility inherent in NFV to quickly set up services

Should we be creating a network slice for each 5G use case?

  • Roland Schott - Project Manager and Architect, Deutsche Telekom

16:40 17:20 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Leveraging IMS and IoT for business and enterprise

  • What are the IoT applications which can sit on the IMS architecture?
  • Connected cars: Can we use the car to provide voice communication?
  • Opportunities for the IMS in different enterprise verticals (finance, healthcare, construction etc.)
  • Moderator Víctor Huertas García - IMS Expert, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • Roland Schott - Project Manager and Architect, Deutsche Telekom
  • Hugo Lenssen - Senior Product Manager Mobile, KPN
  • Andrea Battisti - Strategy and Business Development, Telecom Italia

17:20 17:30 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Chairperson’s closing remarks

17:30 20:30 (180 mins)

Main agenda

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