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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
A Special Online Seminar Series

Next-Gen Streaming Video Technologies and Strategies: A Special Online Seminar Series

Join us on Wednesday July 15 for our next online seminar: Securing Next-Gen Streaming Video


This special series of online seminars co-hosted by Light Reading and the Streaming Video Alliance will feature video industry experts from across the spectrum as they tackle all these issues and more. The series will offer a fresh digital forum for video technologists, business strategists and market analysts to share their experiences and expertise.

Our team of experts will assess the streaming video market, evaluate the latest entrants, examine the major challenges they face and discuss how the industry can reach the desired goal of OTT Video 2.0 – a scalable, stable, secure streaming platform that generates regular, predictable revenue.

Securing Next-Gen Streaming Video: July 15, 2020

With nearly 100 OTT video services operating in the US and Canada alone and with nearly three quarters of North American consumers already subscribing to at least one OTT service, streaming video has quickly established itself as a cultural force. Now, with such media behemoths as Apple, Disney, NBCUniversal, AT&T and Discovery all plunging into the streaming space, the OTT video market is shifting into overdrive as it moves toward a more advanced stage of development.

But, even as this shift takes place, the streaming video business is encountering some imposing hurdles. Chief among them is security as video piracy runs rampant on streaming platforms, hackers break into high-value premium services and consumers increasingly share their secret passwords with family members and friends.

How can OTT providers safeguard their precious video streams? What new technologies are vendors developing and deploying to keep prying eyes away from streaming content? How can content and service providers tackle the sensitive issue of password-sharing? 

This session will include industry experts from across the video spectrum who will tackle these critical security issues and more.

Distributing/Processing Next-Gen Streaming Video: Oct 6, 2020

Thanks largely to the COVID-19 pandemic, video streaming traffic has increased exponentially across the globe this year as hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people have been forced to shelter at home indefinitely. At the same time, major new OTT services like Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Peacock and Quibi have launched, putting the streaming market into hyperdrive.
While industry experts may have seen this growth curve coming eventually, few could have expected it to happen so quickly. Indeed, just a month after the pandemic hit the US with full force, OTT players reported already seeing about a year's worth of traffic growth.    

Given this explosive and unexpected traffic growth, how are OTT providers coping with the sudden surge in demand for their services? What steps are providers and their tech partners taking to scale up their networks rapidly and handle such unprecedented traffic spikes? And how are they working to prevent potentially catastrophic breakage in both the Internet and streaming infrastructures?

This session will tackle such issues as video workflow, architectural strategies, multicast, ABR and delivery protocols as providers seek to scale up to meet the massive traffic demands.

Taking Streaming Video to the Next Level


Catch up with the first session from our Next-Gen Streaming Video Technologies & Strategies Series, which took place on April 20, 2020. Hosted by Light Reading’s Cable/Video Practice Leader, Alan Breznick, this special online seminar assesses the streaming video market, evaluates the latest entrants, examines the major challenges they face and discusses how the industry can reach the desired goal of OTT Video 2.0 – a scalable, stable, secure streaming platform that generates regular, predictable revenue.

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