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Key Sessions

Opening of Exhibtion

Sultan Osman

Keynote C-Level address and Interview: The Current and Future of Pay-TV in MENA


09:00 10:00 (60 mins)

Main agenda


*Networking & Round Table Discussions*

09:30 10:10 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Opening of Exhibtion

10:10 10:30 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Keynote C-Level address and Interview: The Current and Future of Pay-TV in MENA

  • The outlook for telecom operators in the arena of SVOD
  • Collaboration between telco’s and media firms
  • What growth prospects in MENA?
  • Sultan Osman - Group CEO, Du

10:30 11:10 (40 mins)

Main agenda

C-Level Leaders Debate: Broadcasters, Telecom Operators and OTT players: Where are We at?

  • What challenges are we facing in MENA and what are you doing to overcome these?
  • How do we cooperate and stay competitive in the current market?
  • A united front: How do we work together to fend of international competition?
  • Carlos Tibi - Founder and CEO, ICFLIX
  • Sultan Osman - Group CEO, Du
  • Maaz Sheikh - Co-Founder & CEO, STARZ PLAY ARABIA
  • Nader Sobhan - Head of MENA, iFlix
  • Emad Morcos - CCO, OSN
  • Moderator Ismail Patel - Research Analyst, Global TV Markets, Ovum

11:10 12:10 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Speed Networking and Opportunity to Visit Exhibition

12:10 13:10 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Monetisation of Assets Roundtable: High level discussion on best practices and optimal strategies in utilising all available revenue streams in the pursuit if monetising assets in the current market

  • Utilisation of data to understand viable revenue stream
  • What strategies have proved effective in utilisation of emerging revenue streams?
  • Which assets are prime for monetisation in MENA?
  • Nadine Samra - Head of Digital – MiddleEast, Zee Network
  • Olivier Dufour - Director of Digital, Independent
  • Sanjay Raina - GM, Fox International Channels
  • Sami Matri - Country Leader MENA, Orange Group
  • Moderator Ismail Patel - Research Analyst, Global TV Markets, Ovum
  • Kent Steffen - President, OTT Services, CSG International

13:10 14:10 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Lunch and Opportunity to Visit Exhibition

14:10 14:50 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Keynote Panel: The Dawn of a New Age: The Evolution of Video in MENA

  • What have been the latest innovations in telco video and how have these been received?
  • What have been the challenges in monetisation of Pay-TV platform in the current market and how can these be profitably overcome?
  • OTT, friend or foe? What has the effect of OTT platforms been on Pay-TV services in MENA?
  • How has cooperation between telecom operators and OTT service providers during joint ventures panned out? What can be done to optimise profitability for both parties?
  • Julija Jurkevic - Media and Communications Analyst, SNL Kagan

14:50 15:30 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Colloquium: The Western OTT Invasion: Threat or Opportunity to Specialise?

  • What have regional players done to combat the spending power of Netflix and Starz? Are they a threat?
  • What end to end software solutions are/could OTT players be utilising to stay competitive in the current market?
  • How are regional players taking advantage of the vast amounts of local content they could monetise? Is original Arabic content the answer?
  • Carlos Tibi - Founder and CEO, ICFLIX
  • Tareq Abu-Bughod - CEO, Isikana
  • Nader Sobhan - Head of MENA, iFlix

15:30 15:50 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Keynote Piracy address: The Catastrophic Effect of Piracy: A Real and Current Threat

  • What have been the effects of piracy on Broadcasters in MENA?
  • How is the cooperation of broadcasters and content producers effectively challenging pirates?
  • How is the power of digital watermarking fortifying the industry against the piracy threat?
  • Naser Refaat - CTO, Rotana
  • Sophie Moloney - Chief Legal Officer, OSN

15:50 16:30 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Content protection from origin to consumption

  • More premium content is leaking before the official launch
  • Piracy of streaming services is increasing as well
  • Protecting content from production phase until it is being consumed becomes imperative
  • Hear how a true end-to-end content protection service should work
  • Tom Jahr - EVP of Products & Marketing, Conax

16:30 17:10 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Roundtable Sessions: Exploring key topics in interactive and intimate sessions lead by industry experts.

Roundtable 1:  Exploring the Revenue Stream Matrix in MENA

  • The power of bundling: Can providing a more diverse package create the desired balance for success?
  •  How is migration to non-linear TV helping optimise revenue streams for traditional broadcasters?
  • How can broadcasters and telecom operators work together to optimise revenue?

Roundtable 2: Satellite operators: Retaining business in an ever-evolving ecosystem

  • How are MENA Satellite operators dealing with the challenges of a shift towards IPTV and OTT services?
  • What ae the challenges in distribution for satellite operators in an unstable region?
  • With the increase of fast broadband, how are these opening new opportunities for satellite? (broadband to satellite interphase/5G).

Roundtable 3: Utilisation of advertisement and complimentary value services in MENA

  • How are Pay-TV providers utilising digital advertisement to help increase their profits in a low-margin endeavour?
  • What complementary value services are proving successful with the regions consumer?
  • Who can help monetise your assets?
  • Nadine Samra - Head of Digital – MiddleEast, Zee Network
  • Moustapha Bekheet - Head of Mazika, ArpuPlus
  • Ismail Patel - Research Analyst, Global TV Markets, Ovum

18:00 18:30 (30 mins)

Main agenda

End of Day One