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The Hitlist 2020: The 15 Most Exciting MVNO Players to Watch

In an industry as volatile as the MVNO industry, players must adapt quickly and evolve continuously to excel. What does that look like? It could be through transformational business models, the incorporation of new payment or finance services, or through leading the way in new technologies - 5G and IoT, for example. 

Whatever it is, we like to champion success stories. That's why in this exclusive, one-of-a-kind guide for 2020, we lay out the 15 most exciting MVNO players blazing the trail for others in their own special way. This guide serves as a source of insight, inspiration and a way of shining a spotlight on the industry's most exciting innovators. 

Whitepaper: The Case for OEMs to Become MVNOs

After MNOs, OEMs turned to third-party MVNOs to provide them with their much-need connectivity. But what if that were to change? What if, instead of relying on third-party MVNOs, OEMs were to cut out the middle man and become MVNOs themselves?

In this fascinating whitepaper, Georges-Harald Bernard lays out the pros and cons for OEMs in outsourcing versus creating connectivity. Starting with an examination of the current services provided by third-party MVNOs, Bernard moves on to an outline of the Multi IMSI domestic full MVNO option for the automotive industry.

In the end, he concludes whether it is better for OEMs to buy or to make their own connectivity. What's is his final conclusion? Discover the answer in your own free copy, available right here... 

Interview with Thandi Demanet, Tessellate Advisory

As Director of Tessellate Advisory, Thandi Demanet's expertise lie in everything from digital transformation opportunities, capability requirements and operational excellence to enhancing business processes, performance metrics, business innovation & modelling, financial engineering, change management, digital ecosystems and design thinking.

You can find out what she had to say when she sat down for an exclusive Q&A with the MVNOs Series, talking data, digitalisation, trends, opportunities, and her upcoming talk at MVNOs World Congress 2020.

Top 5 Technologies Transforming the APAC MVNO Market

5G, IoT, blockchain, fintech and eSIM: these are the 5 technologies transforming the APAC MVNO market in a big, big way. 

Reinventing the MVNO Business

Analyst Dario Talmesio gives key recommendations on transforming MVNO business models to ensure success in the notoriously volatile MVNO industry.

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