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NGON & DCI World
21 - 23 June 2022
Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower, Spain

21 - 23 June 2022
Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower, Spain


Find all the latest reports, whitepapers and resources focused on optical networking and data centre interconnect.

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The shift to digital will accelerate in 2021 and will be the foundation of all digital goals, according to this recent CxO report by Omdia.

The full report delves into critical trends that will dominate the technology and services agenda for CxOs around the globe this year, and uncovers business-critical trends.


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Security in Open RAN

Discover how telecom service providers can adopt an Open RAN architecture without compromising on security. This whitepaper demonstrates how, by adopting a zero-trust security framework, an Open RAN architecture provides a path to a more secure open networks and open interfaces over what exists today. Despite misconceptions, open interfaces, defined in the O-RAN technical specifications, provide increased independent visibility and the opportunity for an overall enhanced and more secure system.

COVID-19 Market Impact: Digital Consumer Services

The Coronavirus pandemic highlights more than ever the importance of having a reliable, high-speed and high-quality broadband service to our homes. With many countries experience a lock-down of some kind, everything from shopping, to education, work, communication, entertainment, and even health, has had to be done from home and broadband has powered it all.

The service broadband operators deliver have always been important, but perhaps never as important as they are now. Now is the time for broadband service providers to prove their critical value propositions to their customers, and ensure they are seen as the crucial providers of the best quality of experience in the connected home.

Download this executive summary to gain valuable insight into how this pandemic is impacting the Broadband Services Industry.

The ICPs: Bullying CSPs for Dark Fibre

For the most part, Internet Content Providers (ICPs) can build global systems to connect their ever-growing network of data centers without issue. 

However, in the very high bandwidth data centre interconnect portion of the market, ICPs are pushing Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to construct dark fibre-based networks when dark fibre is available. The result? Increasing pressures for CSPs to sell ICPs dark fibre, the 'crown jewels' of their networks, or face a difficult ultimatum. 

This report contains commentary on:

  • The Growing Connectivity Ecosystem
  • Market drivers
  • Dark Fibre networks


The Evolution Towards Open Cables

There are over 400 submarine communication cables deployed under the seas and oceans of the world today.  With a typical cable having an engineering design life of at least 25 years, it’s not surprising that a given cable will have the opportunity to use several generations of transponder technology over its lifetime.

Or will it?

Ciena's Gina Nienaber on IP/optical convergence

Ciena's Gina Nienaber joins the podcast to explain what IP/optical convergence is and how it fits in with service providers' strategies to automate their networks.

Deutsche Telekom targets 2 million new fibre connections in 2022

German operator group DT has been crowing about its FTTH achievements this week as part of an ongoing effort to shed its image as a fixed-line-Luddite.

The incumbent said it hit its target of adding 1.2 million full fibre connections in 2021, a target that it will increase to 2 million in 2022.

21 - 23 June 2022
Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower, Spain


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Convergence, Density and the Search for Capacity - Interview

Catch our interview with Roshene McCool, Market and Technology Development Manager at Corning.

"So, I think the 3 key trends I've noticed are convergence, density and the search for capacity by all available means. Convergence, simply put, is anything that needs to be connected to the network is connected to the same network. That means that not only do we have this proliferation of endpoints but we also have a more complex set of things being connected to the network. That is driving fibre closer to the subscriber, it's increasing density and increasing the number of endpoints - especially in our towns and cities. Finally, the search for capacity by all available means - whether that's by using a larger number of fibres, denser cables, higher bandwidths or searching for higher spectrally efficient fibres."

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21 - 23 June 2022
Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower, Spain


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