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Congratulations to our winners

The AfricaCom Awards celebrate the achievements of the best companies, solutions, products and personalities improving connectivity and driving Africa through the fourth industrial revolution.

2017 Winners

Best Network Improvement

WINNER: Mauritius Telecom for accelerated FTTH deployment

Delivering Excellence in Customer Experience

WINNER: MTN & Huawei for their Customer Experience Management (CEM) 

Best Network Function Virtualisation solution

WINNER: Ericsson for the Ericsson HDS (Hyperscale Datacenter System)

Changing Lives Award

WINNER: UNHCR for the Smart WiFi Kiosk

Most Innovative LTE Service/ Application Deployment

WINNER: Parallel Wireless for making LTE deployments as easy and as cost-effective as Wi-Fi

Best Innovation in Broadcast

WINNER: Telkom and Huawei for their Telkom LIT_ Service solution

Most Innovative Service " The Business of Tomorrow"

WINNER: Orange for rural electrification

Outstanding Data Management or Analytics Solution

WINNER: BWTech International Limited for NetChart

IoT Product / Service of the Year

WINNER: SqwidNet for EcoCash Diaspora

CXO of the Year

WINNER: Ben Cheick D. HAIDARA , the CEO of Orange Burkina Faso S.A 

AfricaCom 2017 Awards Video

Congratulations to all our winners and finalists at our 10th awards anniversary 

The 2017 Finalists

Best Network Improvement

This award recognizes the most successful initiative from an operator and/or a vendor that has significantly improved the performance or coverage of a network in Africa since the end of November 2016.


Vodafone Wholesale, Ghana - Fibre connectivity to the West African sub region

Mauritius Telecom - Accelerated FTTH Deployment

Liquid Telecom - Pan-African VSAT Service

MTN Nigeria - The world’s 1st CloudAIR GU@5MHz launched in MTN Nigeria

Huawei Technologies - Build the Best Network in Africa – Kenya P3 Score Improvement

Ericsson & Safaricom - Next Generation NOC

Delivering Excellence in Customer Experience

Placing the customer in the spotlight, this award recognises a company or initiative that has provided a compelling customer experience. For example that could be through developing an integrated CEM strategy, utilising data innovatively, or considerably improving mobile user experience.

CommProve - QuantiQa NG

Mahindra Comviva and Airtel Africa - iPACS – Unified CRM and Convergent Billing Solution

Mahindra Comviva and Orange Cameroon - VAS Retailing Solution

Liquid Telecom - Listen, Measure, Understand and Improve

Orange - Business Care

MTN & Huawei Technologies - Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Best Network Function Virtualisation solution

This award is open to companies capable of demonstrating successful use cases of virtualization technology/ network and be able to share the details of facilitating this deployment in the past 12 months. Companies should have devised an innovative use case of the solution to make it successful.

Parallel Wireless - HetHet Gateway enabling ease of deployment and maintenance for ANY G cellular network

ECI - LightSEC for Critical Infrastructures

Ericsson - Ericsson HDS (Hyperscale Datacenter System)

Huawei Technologies - ICT Transformation Through Huawei’s NFV Solution

Changing Lives Award

This is where ICT meets socio-economic development and inclusion. This award will celebrate a product, initiative or social enterprise that is having a life-changing impact on individuals or communities in the region.

WTL - Building wholesale networks in Rural Africa

Orange - Sandji-Senekalé

Orange - Cycle M

BrightWave Technologies - Telecommunication (metro broadband network)

UNHCR – Smart WiFi Kiosk

Coco-Cola & Intelsat Rural Wi-fi Solution

RippleNami, Inc. – rWAVES

iSON Group - IT and ITeS Services

Nokia - CodeBus Africa

Most Innovative LTE Service/ Application Deployment

This award recognises the best LTE core network development solutions, which will aid development of the core to support LTE networks & services that will be deployed over them. Companies should be able to demonstrate/showcase user case study where the solution has been used and share details of why & how it’s been successful.

Ecocarrier Inc. - MRESENCE - Presence in Mixed Reality and its application in cloud-based managed services for TeleMRedicine, CollaboMRation,

Alepo Technologies - BSS Transformation

Parallel Wireless - Making LTE deployments as easy and as cost-effective as Wi-Fi

Telkom Huawei Technologies - Telkom (CSB) Consumer and Small Business powered by Huawei LTE Solution

Best Innovation in Broadcast - Broadband Convergence

This award is for the most innovative product or service in which video content is being distributed across Africa. This could be a new OTT service, or a technolgy that provides an enhancement in the way content is being viewed on the continent.

Orange - #Débloqués

Orange - TV Everywhere

Telkom & Huawei Technologies - Telkom LIT_ Service

Most Innovative Service "The Business of Tomorrow"

This prize recognises a popular new offering which, from conception to execution, has been an innovation. It could be for the consumer or the enterprise markets, and could be messaging, mcommerce, video, etc. It must be in an African market, and should have offered significant new prospects for revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

UROS Ltd. - Goodspeed Roaming App

ZOL (Zimbabwe) – part of The Liquid Telecom Group - Fibroniks-on-the-Go

Truecaller – Truecaller

Orange - Rural Electrification

Telkom & Huawei Technologies - Telkom LIT_


Outstanding Data Management or Analytics Solution

This award is for any product or service that can help operators and / or enterprises more effectively store, manage, protect or analyse their data.

BWTECH International Ltd – NetChart

Polystar – Kalix

Orange - Orange Data Management Program

PCCW Global - GlobalView

Fintech Innovation Award

This award recognises an innovation in Fintech that has shown potential for both scalability and sustainability. Judges will also look for an innovative business model that addresses real market needs, such as unbanked communities and women in rural areas. Mobile financial service aspects include money transfer & remittance, cross border remittance, mobile banking, mobile wallets and NFC and contactless transfer, peer to peer or at the point of sale.

Mahindra Comviva and Econet Wireless - EcoCash Diaspora

BIMA (Milvik) – Microinsurance

FAMOCO - FAMOCO help Orange Cameroon to improve the efficiency of their distribution network. 

Panamax Inc. – MobiFin

Tanzania Vodacom & Huawei Technologies - Tanzania Vodacom Lipa kwa M-Pesa

PCCW Global - Tap&Go

IoT Product / Service of the Year

To be awarded to the nomination that showcases the best platform or deployment of an IoT solution, focussing on the business requirements, integration and benefits gained.

eWaterpay - eWater tap

Orange - Smart metering

SqwidNet - IoT Network and Ecosystem Roll-out

Huawei Technologies – Huawei PLC-IoT for achieving Intelligent Utility Grid 

Huawei Technologies - Huawei IOT Solution for Insurance Innovation

Ericsson + MTN + Qualcomm - First CAT-M1 test in Africa for Internet of Things

Orange Social Venture Prize

The Orange Social Venture Prize rewards entrepreneurs developing products or services that use ICT in an innovative way to meet the needs of people in Africa or the Middle East in fields such as health, agriculture, education, energy, industry or trade.Entries are now closed.

CXO of the Year Award

This award will go to a public vote online building up to AfricaCom, rather than to our judging panel. It recognises outstanding contribution in the field of telecoms & ICT within an African listed company or an organisation with operations in at least one African country. 

Sherry Singh - CEO, Mauritius Telecom

Thomas Musili - Founder Director, Computers for Schools Kenya

Ronald Bogere Mitti - CTO, Bharti Airtel Tanzania

John Momoh - Chairman & CEO, Channels TV

Ben Cheick Haidara - CEO, Orange Burkina Faso

Orange Social Venture Prize

The Orange Social Venture Prize rewards entrepreneurs developing products or services that use ICT in an innovative way to meet the needs of people in Africa or the Middle East in fields such as health, agriculture, education, energy, industry or trade. 

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