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Africa Tech Festival - the home of AfricaCom
Core Agenda & Exhibition: 8 - 10 Nov
Partner Programmes & Digital Content: 7 - 11 NovCTICC, Cape Town

Core Agenda & Exhibition: 8 - 10 Nov
Partner Programmes & Digital Content: 7 - 11 Nov,
CTICC, Cape Town

Building a Better, More Inclusive Digital World Award

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This award recognises organisations and initiatives that have made a significant contribution to helping us build a more accessible and inclusive digital world.



Orange Digital Center 

Orange Digital Center (ODC) is an innovative ecosystem born in Tunisia in 2010. We started from the observation that there is high unemployment among young people, with a mismatch between their training and the demand of the job market. This led us to create, with the expertise of the Orange Group, through its network of over 100 research laboratories worldwide, technology training centers, open to all and totally free to give all the means to young people to develop mobile applications, create local content and thus push digital innovation, a driver in the digital transformation of countries. The objective is to strengthen the employability of young Africans and encourage them to undertake and innovate.

Orange Digital Center brings together four strategic programs in one place : a coding school, a FabLab Solidaire - one of the Orange Foundation's digital manufacturing workshops -, an Orange Fab start-up accelerator and Orange Ventures Africa, the Orange Group investment fund which finances innovative start-ups in the countries of the Middle East and Africa region. All these programmes are free-of charge and open to everyone. They range from digital training for young people, 90% of which are practical, start-up acceleration, guidance for project bearers and investment.

ODCs are deployed in close collaboration with several stakeholders, around public-private partnerships, including governments, local and international NGOs and universities.
The beneficiaries work on concrete and innovative projects: they are trained by Orange experts and external experts (including those from our technology partners: Google, Amazon Web Services Re/Start, Cambrian Futures, ...) specialized in the latest technology trends (AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud, Robotics, Electronics, ...) and soft skills, with the aim of fostering the creation of successful technology projects.

We are currently deploying ODCs in 18 countries in the Africa and Middle East region, including 14 in partnership with the German Cooperation (GIZ), with which we have a €30 million support fund for the deployment and strengthening of the ODC network.

Orange Digital Center addresses two current problems: youth unemployment and the lack of digital skills. It aims to train young people, especially women, in the digital skills needed in the job market, which will impact the socio-economic development of African countries.
The main objective of the ODC is to democratize access to digital for young people, graduates or not, train them for free to the latest technological trends and soft skills to strengthen their employability and prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow or accompany them to launch and accelerate their startups.

So far, eight Orange Digital Centers have already opened in the region: Tunisia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Jordan, Morocco, and Mali. We aim to share this innovation from the South to the North by opening ODCs in France and Europe. By 2025, all the Orange Group's subsidiaries will have an Orange Digital Center. More than 100,000 young people have already been trained. Everything we need to see African digital champions emerge tomorrow!


African Teen Geeks

Africa Teen Geeks partnered with the Department of Basic Education to develop the coding and robotics which they raised the funding for. An EdTech platform has been developed and is available in all 11 languages as well as textbooks that are also translated to all 11 languages to ensure that foundation phase learners who learn in the mother tongue can learn to code in their mother tongue. The books will also be translated in all major African languages spoken in Africa and made available for free. The platform also include all grades and all subjects, and the coding curriculum includes an IDE that provides self-grading, making it easy for teachers to introduce the digital curriculum while they learn. 

So far, Africa Teen Geeks has trained 3800 teachers in 4 months and plan to reach 20,000 by the end of 2022.

Yielding Accomplished African Women

Our Girls Our Future

Yielding Accomplished African Women is a non-profit organization on an ambitious mission. They are investing in the under-invested: African women. Yielding Accomplished African Women is building the largest career community and online academy for African women. Yielding Accomplished African Women was founded because we believe that Africa and its more than 1 billion people, especially its female population, have the talent and drive to solve so many of our world’s challenges. By 2030, one-fifth of the global labour force will be from Africa. Without investment, so many opportunities will be missed. In only three years of existence, their achievements have been phenomenal. 

They have impacted more than 1100 women in 12 African countries, propelled a 100% of their graduating fellows into tech/business roles and facilitated more than 10,000 hours of in-person and online training.  

This year, they are set to expand their award-winning talent accelerator ‘Our Girls, Our Future’ (OGOF) for even wider coverage. OGOF is an immersive 12-week talent accelerator to inspire, upskill and credentialize unconventional talent for employability into the finance and technology industry worldwide. They are partnering with Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Google and KPMG to provide individual mentorship, access to recruiters, mock interviews and much more. 

Ericsson and Unicef

Ericsson and Unicef partnership to connect every school to the Internet by 2030

The Giga initiative was launched in 2019 – a partnership which, driven by UNICEF and ITU, aims to connect every school to the Internet by 2030, and in doing so, empower every young person with access to information, opportunity and choice.  

As the Global UNICEF Partner for School Connectivity Mapping, Ericsson has been working closely with UNICEF on this first phase of the initiative – the mapping of every school’s connectivity across the globe, bringing vital data together in an ambitious live mapping platform known as Project Connect. Mapping the connectivity landscape is a critical first step towards connecting every school to the internet and providing each child with access to learning opportunities. Connectivity for every young person is the goal. 

Ericsson’s deep knowledge in communications technology and access to global connectivity data, for example via engagement with mobile network operators will help accelerate Giga’s efforts to create an open-source, public map of the quality of connectivity for every school in the world. Giga’s map provides governments and the private sector with the data necessary to design and deploy connectivity solutions that expand digital access and empower young people. 


Huawei Supports African ICT Skills and Talent Development with African Union Academy

The arrival of the Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) and Digital Economic Age possess immediate challenges to the Government in many African countries. African countries have realized there is an urgency to develop the digital talent pool in order to meet this coming challenges. At Huawei Learning services, we realize the immense potential of developing digital talent, to enable nations, corporates and societies to ride on this growth momentum. To facilitate this agenda, we have developed solutions aimed to build the right strategies, capacity and infrastructure and empower the overall ecosystem.  

Our unique, simple, effective and insightful African Union Academy programs are aimed at governments to effectively study the ICT demand-supply Talent insights, develop digital talent and invest in right policies & frameworks to build the national ICT capital. Huawei ICT Digital Talent Development solutions are rich in experience and provide adequate ICT industry insight-aligned practices & tools, to develop & mobilize digital talent and work with current government national talent policies and programs.

Parallel Wireless

Parallel Wireless's Macro Urban Open RAN solution was created to drive down the network costs of telco operators, which will in turn help to make communications services more affordable, thus building a better, more inclusive digital world. 

Vodacom and Facebook’s Open RAN phase one is the precursor to deploying an Open RAN network architecture across additional Vodacom Group African markets in the future. Vodacom customers in the DRC will be able to receive broadband coverage, a more inclusive digital world in Open RAN trial areas where there was previously no network coverage or where only 2G services were available.  

This access to mobile broadband connectivity will have a significantly positive impact on the country, as less than half of the population currently has access to mobile broadband services. Parallel Wireless's Urban solution is easy to deploy, provides scalable capacity for throughput, and offers automated maintenance. This solution facilitates faster time-to-market, scalable throughput, high speed, and ultra-low latency.   

Parallel Wireless Urban Macro Open RAN solution is designed to help MNOs address four key challenges: reducing the total cost of ownership, future-proofing the network for 5G and beyond, enhancing user experience, and innovating, ensuring a digital, inclusive world.