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Africa Tech Festival 2024 – The Home of AfricaCom, AfricaTech & AfricaIgnite
Event dates: 11-14 Nov 2024
Exhibition Opening Dates: 12 - 14 Nov 2024Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town


Explore interviews with our top speakers, sponsors and Leadership Council members. Tune in to discussions on a range of topics, from tech and telecom industry insights, to their organisations and careers, and their experiences at Africa Tech Festival.


Speaker Interviews

Sponsor Interviews

Leadership Council Interviews

Leadership Council Interviews

Leadership Council Interview with Amadou Diallo from DHL Global Forwarding

The Africa Tech Festival team recently caught up with Amadou Diallo, the Chief Executive Officer, Middle East & Africa at DHL Global Forwarding to discuss future tech trends, the industry, Africa Tech Festival and its newly formed Leadership Council.

Leadership Council Interview with Richard Cazalet from Telkom SA

We caught up with Richard Cazalet, Exec: Strategy and Transformation at Telkom SA to discuss future tech trends, the industry, Africa Tech Festival and its newly formed Leadership Council.

Speaker Interviews

5G Rollout in Africa

We caught up with Fadi Pharoan, the President of Middle East & Africa at Ericsson at Africa Tech Festival 2022 to discuss the new innovations Ericsson presented at the event and the current state and future of 5G rollout across the continent. 

Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation

We caught up with Celia Mantshiyane, CISO at MTN South Africa for a brief interview at Africa Tech Festival 2022, in which she discussed the importance of cybersecurity in terms of digital transformation, and how we can convince organisations and governments to prioritise cybersecurity.

Spotify amplifying female voices

We caught up with Phiona Okumu, the Head Of Music, Sub-Saharan Africa at Spotify to discuss the ways in which Spotify is amplifying female voices in the music industry at Africa Tech Festival 2022.

Bridging Africa's Digital Divide

We're joined by Funke Opeke, Founder & CEO of MainOne to discuss MainOne's role in bridging the digital divide between West Africa and the rest of the world, and what the rest of the continent can learn from her experience.

African Women in Tech

We caught up with Nollie Maoto, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at FNB to discuss women in tech in Africa, and what strides are being made to disrupt the status quo of male dominance in African tech.

Cape Town: the Hub of Business

We caught up with the Executive Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Geordin Hill-Lewis, to discuss the importance of Cape Town as a hub of business and innovation, and what commitments Geordin himself is making to achieve and maintain this.

Supercharging the Digital Disruption of Africa’s SMMEs

We caught up with Nitesh Singh, the Managing Director for Communication, Media and Technology from Accenture South Africa at Africa Tech Festival to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by SMMEs that are supercharging Africa's digital disruption.

Removing Barriers to Affordable Connectivity in Africa

Mariam Abdullahi, the Director of Android Platform Partnerships at Google, spoke on a panel at Africa Tech Festival discussing 'Affordability First - Closing Africa’s Growing Usage Gap'. After her session, we caught up with her to discuss how we can convince the public and private sectors to partner to remove the barriers to affordable connectivity.

Emerging Trends in West Africa's Digital Ecosystem

In this interview, we caught up with Marjorie Saint-Lot, the Country Manager for Uber Ghana and the Ivory Coast at Uber at Africa Tech Festival to discuss emerging trends in West African digital ecosystem.

The Outlook: Mobile Broadband in Africa

We caught up with Todd Ashton, Vice President & Managing Director: Ericsson South & East Africa at Ericsson to discuss the current outlook of mobile broadband in Africa, and key opportunities that digitisation brings to the continent.

Digital Transformation with Huawei

We caught up with Danwill Duan, Delivery & Service VP of Huawei Southern Region to discuss his session on digital transformation at Africa Tech Festival 2022. 

Winning TV Audiences in a Changing Landscape

We met with Theodore Asampong, CEO - West Africa Platform Services at SES at Africa Tech Festival 2022 to discuss his session on winning TV audiences in a changing landscape and the challenges of doing so.

Business in the Metaverse

We caught up with Louise Claassen, the Co-Founder & Creative & Technology Lead at ORBmersive to discuss her Africa Tech Festival session on the real-world application of the metaverse and the opportunity it heralds for Africa. 

The Significance of Streaming African Culture

In this interview, we spoke with Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy, the Managing Director of Sub-Saharan Africa at Spotify to discuss the significance of streaming African culture.

The Future of Mobile Money

We interviewed Nika Naghavi, the Executive Director, MNOs at MFS Africa at Africa Tech Festival 2022 to discuss the future of mobile money across the continent.

The 4 P's Leading Through Change

Amadou Diallo, CEO of Middle East & Africa of DHL Global Forwarding shared key insights and opinions from his panel 'The 4P’s: Passion, Power, Pride and Purpose When Leading Through Big Change' at Africa Tech Festival 2022. 

Africa's Tech Industry

We caught up with Terry White, Associate Chief Analyst from Omdia during Africa Tech Festival 2022 to discuss the current landscape of Africa's technology industry.

Cloud-First Business Models

We spoke with Dr. Nkosi Kumalo, the GM: Product & Capability at MTN Business to discuss the key takeaways of his Africa Tech Festival session: 'The Era of Digital Headquarters: shifting towards cloud-first business models'.

African Startups

We spoke with Sidonie, the CEO of Kobo Hub to discuss her company and the benefits and opportunities Africa Tech Festival provides to startups.

About Africa Tech Festival 2022

We caught up with James Williams, Event Director at Informa Tech during Africa Tech Festival 2022 to discuss the event, its themes, and impact on the industry.

Operator Payment Fraud

David Lotfi, CEO of Evina joins us to discuss cybersecurity, covering operator payment fraud, the breakdown of the impact of these attacks against individuals and organisations, and what his company, Evina, is doing to support in defence against cyber attacks.