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Africa Tech Festival 2024 – The Home of AfricaCom, AfricaTech & AfricaIgnite
Event dates: 11-14 Nov 2024
Exhibition Opening Dates: 12 - 14 Nov 2024Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town


Explore memorable discussions from our 2022 and 2023 headline keynotes, including AI, connectivity, healthtech, fintech and navigating the 4IR, alongside strategies for addressing the skills gap.

South Africa's Digital Vision: Minister Mondli Gungubele

Minister Mondli Gungubele of the Department of Communications & Digital Technologies, South Africa, delivers a keynote at Africa Tech Festival, envisioning Africa's digital transformation.

He highlights Cape Town's role as a digital hub and addresses the continent's digital divide. Gungubele emphasizes infrastructure development, including fiber optic networks and cloud services, to advance digital connectivity. He outlines South Africa's initiatives and invites partnerships for local manufacturing of devices.

The Minister concludes with optimism for collaborative efforts in Africa's digital future.

Cybersecurity Evolution: Liquid Technologies' Insights

Nic Rudnick, Group Deputy Executive Chairman at Liquid Intelligent Technologies, reflects on Africa's technological evolution at Africa Tech Festival.

From the advent of mobile phones to AI applications, he marvels at the rapid progress. Rudnick discusses the safety benefits of driverless technology and highlights Africa's fiber network expansion enabling progress but also attracting cyber threats. He addresses the escalating cyber threat landscape, focusing on business email compromises and the rise of Crimeware-as-a-Service.

Rudnick warns about deep fakes and emphasizes the need for innovative authentication methods. He calls for consolidated AI-powered cyber defense centers in Africa to ensure a safer digital future.

Huawei's Vision for a Digital and Sustainable Africa

At Africa Tech Festival, Huawei's Sub-Saharan Africa Region President outlines the company's strategy for fostering digital and energy revolutions on the continent.

They highlight ICT advancements such as 5G, cloud, AI, and solar energy driving productivity. Huawei emphasizes the importance of digitalization and interconnected infrastructure for Africa's leapfrog development. Initiatives in cloud migration, AI, and green energy are discussed, along with plans to train 100,000 digital talents by 2026.

The session showcases Huawei's commitment to a digitally prosperous and sustainable Africa.

Empowering Digital Inclusion: Orange's Vision

Brelotte Ba, Deputy CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa, emphasizes digital inclusion at Africa Tech Festival.

He discusses Orange's efforts to expand mobile money and broadband services, serving 146 million customers and reducing digital disparities across Africa. Ba showcases Orange's multi-service approach, focusing on connectivity and digital education.

He highlights initiatives like Orange Money's impact on financial security and energy projects enabling entrepreneurship. Ba concludes with a call to invest in infrastructure and skill development for a digitally inclusive future, inspired by Nelson Mandela's legacy.

Redefining Cybersecurity: Insights from the Office of the National Cyber Director

Philip Stupak, Assistant National Cyber Director for the Office of the National Cyber Director, discussed cybersecurity's role in enhancing connectivity and achieving collective goals at Africa Tech Festival 2023. He highlighted the Digital Transformation with Africa initiative (DTA), aiming to expand digital access and literacy in alignment with the African Union's strategy.

Stupak emphasized the U.S.'s commitment to building resilient networks and advocated for a Zero Trust architecture, prioritizing verification over blind trust. He underscored the Biden-Harris administration's strategic changes and stressed the importance of public-private collaboration in mitigating cyber risks. Stupak urged for the growth of national cyber workforces and digital literacy to ensure future resilience.

Digital Transformation in Africa: Key Insights from Omdia’s Research

Thecla Mbongue, Research Manager at Omdia, discusses the critical role of digital transformation in African and global organizations at Africa Tech Festival 2023.

She highlights the challenges faced by telecom providers in meeting customer demands and improving internal efficiencies. The session delves into the multidimensional changes affecting telecom businesses, emphasizing digital transformation as an ongoing journey. Thecla presents insights from Omdia's Service Provider Digital Transformation and Cloud Strategy Survey, identifying drivers and challenges for digital transformation.

Key focus areas include improving customer experience, data-driven organizations, and cloud transformation, with discussion on investment priorities like network automation and open APIs. The session sets the stage for further exploration of how digital transformation is shaping Africa's tech landscape.

Africa's Tech Future: Welcome to Africa Tech Festival 2023 - Opening Keynote

Step into the world of African technological progress with the opening keynote of Africa Tech Festival 2023!

James Williams, the Event Director at Informa Tech, inaugurates the event, highlighting its record-breaking achievements and addressing challenges faced by African tech, while also showcasing the continent's potential for growth and innovation.

Discover transformative themes like Africa Ignite for startups and discussions on fintech, AI, and digital infrastructure. This session sets the stage for a week of vibrant discussions, emphasizing Africa's role in the global tech ecosystem and its journey towards technological excellence. Join the conversation that shapes tomorrow's African tech landscape.

Telco to TechCo - How African Telecoms is Evolving with the Continent


  • Nitesh Singh, MD and Lead for Communication, Media and Technology, Accenture South Africa
  • Ashraff Paruk, Digital service Executive Head, Cell C 
  • Nina Triantis, Global Head, TMT, Standard Bank 
  • Dejan Kastelic, Group Chief Technology Officer, Vodacom 
  • Siyabonga Mahlangu, Group Executive: Regulatory Affairs & Government Relations, Telkom 
  • Todd Ashton, VP & MD: Ericsson South & East Africa, Ericsson


For African telecoms, change is nothing new. But even for an industry in constant motion, the scale and pace of recent disruption has been unprecedented. The session explores how shifts in enterprise markets and consumer behaviour coupled with increasing investment and partnership are driving accelerated change, as operators diversify beyond connectivity to protect profit in a changing world.

Looking Back, Going Forward: How Africa's Tech History Contains the Roots of its Future


  • Russell Southwood - CEO, Balancing Act Nika Naghavi - Executive Director, MNOs, MFS Africa 
  • Andile Ngcaba - Chairman, Convergence Partners 
  • Funke Opeke - CEO, MainOne 
  • Nic Rudnick - Group Deputy Executive Chairman, Liquid Intelligent Technologies


From the first mobile roll-out in Africa to the present day, Africa’s communications revolution has taken 36 years and, arguably, this is just the end of the beginning. This sessions brings industry veterans who played key roles in this historic journey together to tease out what it can tell us about what will happen over the next ten years. 

  •  Mobile data & infrastructure: how roll-out barriers were negotiated and what work remains 
  • Mobile money the transformer: how these services came to be born and the future of this 'magic sauce' 
  • Digital life: how Africans have taken to using the internet and why the best is yet to come  
  • Innovation & start-ups: what lit the fuse for African start-ups and how they will change how business is done in Africa?

Defeating Cybercrime to Win the Race for Fintech Leadership


  • David Lotfi, CEO of Evina


Telecommunication companies are now more than ever looking to gain a significant share of the digital economy and increase their profitability. At the same time, and for too long, these operators have been side-lining a particularly profitable business where they possess all the advantages: fintech. In this session, led by David Lotfi, CEO of Evina, discover:  

  • Why telecom operators can become the most prominent fintech players on the planet.
  • How protected operators have been able to reconcile hyper-growth and security, reopen their markets and take full advantage of the power of one-click payments.
  • Why security is the most crucial battleground to seize this unique opportunity.

Enterprise Empowered - Supercharging the Digital Disruption of Africa’s SMMEs


  •  Nitesh Singh, MD and Lead for Communication, Media and Technology (CMT), Accenture South Africa 
  • Habiba Ben Barka - Chief of Africa Section, United Nations Conference on Trade & Development 
  • Joseph Ndaba - Commissioner 4IR/CEO MDIHub, Republic of South Africa 
  • Nastassha Dooks - Business Executive Head - SME & SOHO, Vodacom 
  • Masha Mathopane - Director: Inclusive Economy at Gauteng Department of Economic Development, Gauteng Provincial Government.


Small, medium & micro enterprises are Africa’s economic backbone. The sector’s scale is breathtaking: SMMEs comprise 90% of the private sector, employing more than 80% of the workforce, totaling 44 million. The fact that its power remains ‘potential’ indicates a sector that remains acutely underserved. This session explores how placing Africa’s SMMEs at the centre of the digital revolution and equipping them with the tools to thrive will unlock economic development across sectors, regions, and demographics. •  Digital gap: SMMEs are often late digital adopters, rarely by choice. How can improved access to communities, markets, financial services, and data tackle investment and infrastructure gaps? •  Government: unpacking why policy and regulation must be the first steps in creating enabling lending frameworks and nurturing ecosystems for the continent’s nascent enterprises.

The Building Blocks for Africa's 4th Industrial Revolution


  • Nic Rudnick, Group Deputy Executive Chairman, Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Building a More Digital and Inclusive Africa


  • Jérôme Hénique, Chief Executive - Middle East & Africa (OMEA), Orange

Lighting Up the Future with Nonstop Innovation - Africa Tech Festival 2022


  • Leo Chen President, Sub-Saharan Africa Region Huawei

This is Cape Town - Building Africa's Innovation & Investment Hub


Alderman Geordin Hill-Lewis - Executive Mayor of Cape Town, The City of Cape Town


This session analyses Cape Town's unique position as a tech hub and what it takes to create an environment that will boost tech innovation and accelerate business development

Digital Skills Africa - Why an Educated Youth is Key to Unlocking the 4IR


  • Paula Gilbert - Editor, Connecting Africa 
  • Fiona Tabraham - Chief Executive, CapaCiTi 
  • Chris Fabian - Co-founder & Co-Lead, Giga - UNICEF
  • Anita Van Vuuren - Chief Education Specialist (CES), Western Cape Government


A median continental age of 20, 60% under the age of 25, the world’s youngest continent - you’ve already heard the statistics, but what do they really mean? The answer is very little without the education and training to turn Africa’s youthful population into skilled, productive contributors and beneficiaries of the continent’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. There’s no denying the incredible potential Africa’s youth presents but to still be talking about ‘potential’ in 15 years would be an opportunity squandered. This panel session unpacks how governments, development agencies, tech giants, and start-ups are working to ensure the continent’s youth are given the connectivity, environment, skills and opportunities to ensure Africa takes its rightful place on tech’s global stage.

  • Targeted training: prioritising in-demand industry skills is critical to ensuring employability in a labour market that gains on average 11 million workers each year  
  • Forgotten majority? Highlighting and funding fledging young entrepreneurs with the right support at the right times is critical to taking them from micro-enterprise to global business

Keynote from the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, Republic of South Africa


  • Hon Mr Philly Mapulane Deputy Minister, Department of Communications and Digital Technologies Republic of South Africa

Limitless Connectivity, Limitless Possibilities


  • Fadi Pharaon, Senior Vice President & Head of Market Area Middle East & Africa at Ericsson. 


The digitalization trend is accelerating in Africa with continued strong growth in mobile network access. With the 4G era already here in many countries, and 5G on the horizon, the value of connectivity for social and economic prosperity will continue to increase. As 4G and 5G become widely available, ground-breaking consumer and enterprise innovations will happen, enabling digitalization at scale. In this session, new ways of enabling limitless possibilities for innovation and digital transformation will be discussed and we will look at the near term focus on 4G investment while paving the way for 5G.

A New Era of Connectivity? What Equiano Means for Africa


  • Ngasuma Kanyeka - Head of communications, UNICEF 
  • Nitin Gajria - Managing Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Google


  • Status: Equiano made its first African landing in Togo in March 2022 - which other countries will be connected, and what major milestones remain for the project? 
  • Impact: what will terabit-sized capacity increases and faster fibre mean for enterprise, and can these benefits translate into more affordable home broadband for African consumers?  
  • Catalyst: can the cable help address the issue of poor fibre penetration in underserved nations inland? And what impact will this have on job creation

Into the Metaverse - Africa’s Place in a New Virtual World


  • Louise Claassen - Co-founder & Creative and Technology Lead, ORBmersive 
  • Alex Masu - Head of Africa and Middle East - Network Investments, Meta 
  • Brian Afande - Co-Founder & Managing Director, BlackRhino VR


The chances are that if you’re interested in technology, you’ll have heard the term ‘Metaverse’ recently. The Metaverse, like much of the tech that enables it, remains at a nascent stage of development, but estimates have put its revenue potential at $800B by 2024. Many global tech brands are already betting big on the idea, and the dream of an immersive, business-ready 3D world is very much alive. This session looks past the hype to explore real-world application of a new virtual universe for business and consumer, dives into how Africa aims to build its own unique space in the Metaverse and how pioneers are leveraging new tech to make this vision a reality.