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Africa Tech Festival 2023 – The Home of AfricaCom & AfricaTech
Event dates: 13-16 Nov
Exhibition Opening Dates: 14 - 16 NovCape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town


Accelerate growth. Expand Ecosystems. Transform your business across Africa.

Year-round marketing solutions

Set your business up for success year-round

We know African tech.

Together with our media site Connecting Africa, as the heart of our digital offering, we’re best positioned to supercharge your business in 2023, and beyond.

Our multi-channel campaigns deliver high visibility and assert your expertise in front of our engaged community to ensure your brand, solutions and messaging stay front and center, all year-round.

Our Community in Numbers

Our diverse and highly-engaged community of tech and telco professionals ensure that you reach the audience that matter most to you!

*Website and Social Media stats taken across Africa Tech Festival event and Connecting Africa websites and social media platforms from 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2022

Digital Marketing Solutions 2023 Overview

Check out the video below to get an overview of our Digital Marketing & Amplification solutions 

Previous Success Stories


  • Title: Digital Skills Enhancing Human Capacity
  • Speakers: 7
  • Total registrations (live & on-demand): 373
  • Total webinar attendees: 166
  • Retention rate: 45%
  • Average viewing time: 34 minutes


  • Title: Africa Green ICT: Lighting Up a Sustainable Continent
  • Speakers: 6
  • Total registrations (live & on-demand): 401
  • Total webinar attendees: 240
  • Retention rate: 60%
  • Average viewing time: 42 minutes


  • Title 1: Digital Maturity – Are we on the Right Path?
  • Title 2: Building a new BSS Stack to Support Digital-First Offerings
  • Campaign length: 2 Months
  • Minimum leads required: 100
  • Total leads: 113


  • Title: New Dell EMC PowerStore Delivers High-End Enterprise Storage Features at Midrange Price Point
  • Campaign length: 2 Months
  • Minimum leads required: 75
  • Total leads: 86


  • Four whitepapers provided
  • Campaign length: 3 Months
  • Total banner impressions: 36,214 (15,000 target)
  • Total leads: 174 (Min 100 leads required)


  • Title: Boosting digital inclusion for socio-economic improvement
  • Publication date: 27 October 2022
  • Views: 369


  • Title: How innovative device financing can help Africa’s mobile evolution
  • Publication date: 25 October 2022
  • Views: 419


  • Event: Huawei Green ICT - 1 Day bespoke (virtual event) 
  • Speakers:12
  • Registrations: 6,549
  • Attendees: 1,240
  • Retention rate: 19%


IDEAL FOR: Lead Generation, asserting leadership, community engagement, accelerating decision-making, audience education, increasing ROI & product/solution promotion.

Hosted in the run-up to Africa Tech Festival 2023, the webinar series allows you to discuss important innovation & tech topics shaping Africa’s digital transformation journey - in front of a curated audience, alongside leaders from across the continent’s ecosystems.

Run by our Connecting Africa editor, this video solution aims to elevate key company VIPs by capturing key insights as they discuss specific initiatives, solutions to challenges, new product launches, company announcements and/or upcoming events.

LeadersIn Tech Talks allows Africa’s leading tech pioneers to assert their authority and showcase their approach to digital transformation.

A powerful, cost-effective channel to assert your company's thought leadership in front of a highly targeted & engaged audience who are actively looking for industry insights or solutions to their challenges.

Filmed either remotely or at an industry event, this product aims to put a spotlight on your message, topic, initiatives and objectives in a professionally produced, news-style video.

Sponsor a category on the Connecting Africa website and promote your solutions for three months via related content units and high impact ad units.

Amplification Solutions

IDEAL FOR: Amplifying existing content, lead generation, establishing authority in your area of expertise, brand/product/solution education & promotion, increased web traffic & accelerating decision making.

Continue your event momentum & nurture leads whilst maximising your marketing budgets. Recap your event experience, key topics of discussion, presentation highlights & content on your business proposition via our new interactive, online platform.

Amplify your ROI by transforming your onsite speaking sessions and interviews into up to ten captivating content assets. These assets will be hosted on both an easy-to use landing page and portal web page.

When paired with our multi-channel lead generation marketing campaign, your existing content is amplified in front of your prospects, providing your sales team with high-quality, targeted sales opportunities.

Leverage your existing content by sending out sponsored HTMLs to selected target audiences - re-engaging and maintaining comms with highly-engaged industry prospects you want to reach.

Digital Advertising

Maintain a constant presence in the minds of your prospects with our website advertising or social promotion opportunities, allowing your brand and messaging to accompany your audiences as they journey across our sites, events and social channels.

IDEAL FOR: increased brand visibility, increase web traffic, community engagement, accelerating decision making & educating your audience.

2023 Key Themes

Harnessing the Power of Africa’s 4IR

The continent’s pursuit of a Fourth Industrial Revolution that creates efficient, equitable, tech-enabled digital economies

Africa’s Next-Gen Connectivity

Delivering on the promise of affordable, reliable, and sustainable digital connectivity for every African

Accelerating Intelligent Enterprise Transformation

Unpacking the biggest enterprise transformation topics, tech integration and business trends across sector

Building the 21st Century Telco: Diversify & Restrategise

Exploring Africa’s evolving telecoms sector to keep telcos at the centre of its digital transformation journey

Exploring Africa’s Emerging Markets & Sectors

Understanding the potential of Africa’s emerging markets and developing sectors

Green ICT & Sustainable Africa

Championing green energy to build a sustainably powered continent