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Africa Tech Festival 2022 - The Home of AfricaCom
Core Agenda & Exhibition: 8-10 Nov
Partner Programmes & Digital Content: 7 - 11 NovCape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town

Core Agenda & Exhibition: 8-10 Nov
Partner Programmes & Digital Content: 7 - 11 Nov,
Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town

Most Innovative Product or Service Award

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This Award recognises a game-changing product or service that has provided it's target market with significant new opportunities for revenue growth or customer satisfaction.

Orange's Mahali

Orange's Mahali mobile application

The development of e-commerce in emerging countries is still facing a fundamental pitfall: the absence or lack of structuring of addressing systems. Due to the lack of a precise or complete postal address, delivering products is a risky business at the moment, half of all deliveries cannot be made. Orange, with the launch of its Mahali mobile application offers a simple, digital and innovative response to this problem.  

Although e-commerce is now a standard component of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people, its development varies by region. Particularly in Africa, the growth of digital sales remains constrained.

Mahali's digital location service is tailored to the local practices of buyers, sellers and delivery men. In countries where people tend to indicate their position by using a location description and referring to landmarks, Mahali translates this habit into a simple mobile application. The service incorporates a database of locations which is fueled in part by the users themselves, who can provide their address by indicating the town, district and landmarks with photos.  

And in addition to being used for e-commerce, the address created on the application can be used for other purposes such as guiding emergency services or visitors to the address.
Originally submitted via the Ideas Wall, a tool for internal ideation within the Orange Group, the project was subsequently supported and accompanied by Orange's intrapreneurship structure, the Intrapreneurs Studio.

After a pilot, the service was launched in Ivory Coast in May 2022 and will be followed by other countries in 2023. This launch was just the beginning of the road: Mahali is intended to grow and offer new functionalities to its users. 

Mahali responds to an essential need and delivers a real benefit to citizens by providing them with a digital address for all their needs.

MTN SA & Huawei

MTN SA & Huawei's fully-digitalized, intelligent & experience-driven digital transformation platform.

MTN-SA is ahead of the curve in implementing a fully-digitalized, intelligent & experience-driven digital transformation journey to be a truly customer-centric organization by implementing 5G digital Service Operations to assure best 5G user experience powered by Huawei 5G SmartCare & AUTIN platforms.

MTN & Huawei worked together to develop an architecture blueprint towards ‘MTN’ Digital Transformation journey’ and today, MTN is ahead of the curve in implementing a fully-digitalized, intelligent & experience-driven automated process engine based on AI-enabled algorithms, influencing data-driven decisions based on smart subscriber & service insights synergizing business & network departments. MTN implemented a next-generation orchestration intelligent O&M support system, enabling digital transformation of ICT O&M. This helps MTN to digitizing the entire process of digital operations towards agile network operations, traffic forecasting, precise planning & investments based on digital operation workspace.

Innovation City Cape Town

Innovation City Cape Town is South Africa's first truly international innovation collaboration space. 

Innovation City is an invitation-only community of digital start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, world changers, and innovators. It is a world-class network that aims to help accelerate digital innovation in Cape Town through fostering co-creation. Through partnerships with Epicenter Stockholm and its 500+ membership companies, Innovation City can help fast-track Cape Town's digital ambitions.

Premise Data

Premise provides customers with "data for every decision" and offers them significant opportunities for revenue growth, whilst delivering at the same time excellent customer satisfaction. 

Premise is a sophisticated market intelligence platform that blends machine learning with human intelligence, making it possible to gather and analyze real-time data from a curated and trusted global network. Premise empowers decision makers with the high-quality, trustworthy data they need. 

Our global customers include governments, international development organizations, FMCG companies, mobile network operators and many more. We provide our customers with UNIQUE insight into customer needs and demand, security and instability risk, product availability and market share, context monitoring, and so much more. 
Here is just one example of the way we are increasing customer revenue and providing customer satisfaction!

Most brands have very little data about how their products are sold and displayed in stores, especially in emerging markets, due to fragmented distribution chains. Any successful brand in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) or fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector knows that innovation is the key to staying current with ever-growing supply chains. 

One leading global beverage brand came to Premise due to difficulty getting the data they needed to stay competitive. They had trouble auditing their products after they had been distributed in international markets, including Brazil. 

Contributors submitted survey results and photos of in-store conditions through our mobile app in return for payment. The data was aggregated from across the region and processed through our rigorous automatic and manual quality control and fraud prevention checks. During the three months the project ran, we collected 16,683 submissions from 13 different regions in Brazil. 

By using Premise's technology, the brand was able to quickly identify and fix problems occurring in stores across Brazil. 

Thanks to crowdsourcing through a mobile application, the brand was able to access deep insights in a timely manner, putting them in control of their customers in-store experience. Even with this project addressing only one of the brand's questions, Premise insights helped the customer identify serious discrepancies about the freshness and availability of their products. They became better equipped to make decisions and to enact a strategy to improve sales and increase market share.

Jiji Cars

Jiji Cars (formerly Cars45) is a leading Autotech company in Africa and a vertical on the biggest online Marketplace in Nigeria, Jiji with Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Through Jiji Cars, thousands of sellers and car dealers sell their cars fast while buyers get access to verified cars with authentic inspection reports that meet their budgets. Jiji Cars have hundreds of Dealer Partners (Car Dealers) who have achieved significant growth over the years and in 2022 through Dealership loans up to N100,000,000 to increase their fleet periodically. This has seen beneficiaries achieve massive business growth in terms of fleets, revenue, and profitability. 

Jiji Cars also provides individuals the opportunity to either own a car or upgrade their cars via a customer car loan which is given at a competitive rate with tenor up to 36 months. Beyond this, Jiji Cars invests in capability development through regular training of member car dealers on how to grow their businesses which happens monthly, and empowering of scores of young Nigerians interested in the car trading business called Autopreneurs; some of whom have grown to become Car Dealers due to the commissions earned over time, access to fleet, car trading knowledge acquired through regular trainings and relevant skills acquired in the course of business relationships with Jiji Cars. Jiji Cars offers the best car deals to everyone, whether as a buyer, individual seller, or car dealer.