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Africa Tech Festival 2024 – The Home of AfricaCom, AfricaTech & AfricaIgnite
Event dates: 11-14 Nov 2024
Exhibition Opening Dates: 12 - 14 Nov 2024Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town
Event dates: 11-14 Nov 2024
Exhibition Opening Dates: 12 - 14 Nov 2024,
Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town

Most Innovative Product or Service Award

This Award recognises a game-changing product or service that has provided it's target market with significant new opportunities for revenue growth or customer satisfaction.


Voting is now closed, best of luck to our finalists!

The winners will be unveiled at the exclusive drinks reception, taking place on Wednesday 9 November from 6-8pm at the CTICC.

Orange's Mahali

Orange's Mahali mobile application

The development of e-commerce in emerging countries is still facing a fundamental pitfall: the absence or lack of structuring of addressing systems. Due to the lack of a precise or complete postal address, delivering products is a risky business at the moment, half of all deliveries cannot be made. Orange, with the launch of its Mahali mobile application offers a simple, digital and innovative response to this problem.  

Although e-commerce is now a standard component of everyday life for hundreds of millions of people, its development varies by region. Particularly in Africa, the growth of digital sales remains constrained.

Mahali's digital location service is tailored to the local practices of buyers, sellers and delivery men. In countries where people tend to indicate their position by using a location description and referring to landmarks, Mahali translates this habit into a simple mobile application. The service incorporates a database of locations which is fueled in part by the users themselves, who can provide their address by indicating the town, district and landmarks with photos.  

And in addition to being used for e-commerce, the address created on the application can be used for other purposes such as guiding emergency services or visitors to the address.
Originally submitted via the Ideas Wall, a tool for internal ideation within the Orange Group, the project was subsequently supported and accompanied by Orange's intrapreneurship structure, the Intrapreneurs Studio.

After a pilot, the service was launched in Ivory Coast in May 2022 and will be followed by other countries in 2023. This launch was just the beginning of the road: Mahali is intended to grow and offer new functionalities to its users. 

Mahali responds to an essential need and delivers a real benefit to citizens by providing them with a digital address for all their needs.

MTN SA & Huawei

MTN SA & Huawei's fully-digitalized, intelligent & experience-driven digital transformation platform.

MTN-SA is ahead of the curve in implementing a fully-digitalized, intelligent & experience-driven digital transformation journey to be a truly customer-centric organization by implementing 5G digital Service Operations to assure best 5G user experience powered by Huawei 5G SmartCare & AUTIN platforms.

MTN & Huawei worked together to develop an architecture blueprint towards ‘MTN’ Digital Transformation journey’ and today, MTN is ahead of the curve in implementing a fully-digitalized, intelligent & experience-driven automated process engine based on AI-enabled algorithms, influencing data-driven decisions based on smart subscriber & service insights synergizing business & network departments. MTN implemented a next-generation orchestration intelligent O&M support system, enabling digital transformation of ICT O&M. This helps MTN to digitizing the entire process of digital operations towards agile network operations, traffic forecasting, precise planning & investments based on digital operation workspace.


Our innovation, Chat 2 Pay, is a digital payment enabler - creating a new channel for businesses to request payments.

Chat 2 Pay makes it possible for brands to improve their customer service and to extend their digital commerce offering by providing an effortless, convenient, and secure way to make payments in chat channels.

Delivering on our mission to revolutionize customer experiences for the better through innovation and engagement on chat channels, Clickatell launched Chat 2 Pay in September 2021.

Chat 2 Pay takes Clickatell’s decades of developing Chat Commerce solutions for global customers and delivers a simple and comprehensive way for merchants to offer payments and transactions to consumers in chat. Chat 2 Pay enables merchants to securely accept payments in chat messaging by sending consumers a payment link via SMS or WhatsApp.

With Chat 2 Pay businesses can now offer the ability for customers to pay for pretty much any products and/or services by sending a payment link via a chat message. There are lots of payment/ solutions products on the market and many payment APIs but it still needs lots of work and development from the businesses that want to use it. With Chat 2 Pay Clickatell orchestrates the process between the chat channel, the payment gateway, and the OMS. It’s a very easy functionality for a Merchant to “switch on” and manage. The product is ready to use, quick, easy and convenient for businesses.

Chat 2 Pay:

· Enables a new payment acceptance method, through chat messaging.

· Streamlines the checkout experience with a trusted, convenient way to pay, also through chat messaging.

· Reduces the cost to business

· Shorter call duration and volume by deflecting to chat channel

· Drives adoption of chat as a lower-cost, more efficient channel for future interactions

· Reduces cart abandonment, by delivering intuitive, secure, contact-free checkout