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MVNOs World Congress
MVNOs World Congress | 6-7 June 2023, Amsterdam
MVNOs World Digital Symposium | 7-8 December 2022

MVNOs World Congress | 6-7 June 2023, Amsterdam
MVNOs World Digital Symposium | 7-8 December 2022

5G at MVNOs World Congress

5G is coming.... Are you ready? Put yourself in the best possible position to capitalise on the opportunity.

Learn. Strategize. Implement.

The 5G Agenda at a glance

The arrival of 5G is creating a buzz, but how does that buzz translate to business strategy? We delve into how MVNOs can position themselves to take advantage of this game-changer and how this will impact the emergence of new target segments.

Expert Roundtable: The long term impact of 5G on consumer focused MVNOs

 With 5G on the horizon, we explore what the impact it will have on consumer-focused MVNOs now and in the future.

Speaker Interview: How MVNOs can position themselves to capitalise on the 5G private networking opportunity

Join Will Townsend, Senior Analyst from Moor Insights & Strategy and Ahmed Khattak, Founder & CEO from US Mobile discuss one of the hottest 5G topics - the private network opportunity. How can MVNOs capitalise on this and 

Expert Insights: How regulators can aid consumers, operators and MVNOs

Regulators have a serious impact on the way operators, consumers, and MVNOs operate. In this session,  we will discuss the impact of the regulatory environment on these verticals  and how this environment can be optimized for all. 

5g Panel Discussions

We have 3-panel discussions taking place on day 1 where our panel of industry experts investigate whether this development is a positive change for MVNOs and how they can position themselves to take advantage of 5G. We also ask our panel what the first waves of 5G use cases will look like plus many more provocative questions sure to leave you walking away with the latest insights.

5G and the Operator Model

Hear industry experts from China Telecom Europe, mobilcom-debitel and Telefonica Mexico as they share insights and discuss the challenges and opportunities that 5G brings in relation to the operator model. Listen in on day 1 at 13:30.

Creating a mutually beneficial operator and MVNO partnership

We ask our panel of global MVNOs and operators the question on everyone's minds - how can operators and MVNOs optimize each others strengths to achieve their mutual and individual business objectives? Don't miss Deutche Telekom, Ultra Mobile, FreedomPop and Virgin Mobile offerig up their thoughts and insights on day 2 at 15:00. 

Start Learning More About The 5G Landscape Now

In this latest report....

.... we look at what the road ahead to 5G looks like. The dawn of 5G has prompted a multitude of diverse use cases and brought with it new challenges for 5G ecosystem players. Download our latest report to learn more about the path to 5G and what it takes for a new era in connectivity.