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June 2022
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June 2022|Maritim proArte Hotel, Berlin

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Whitepaper: Global B2B2x MVNO Market Opportunities to Differentiate Services

Brought to you by Omdia in conjunction with Enghouse Networks, this exclusive whitepaper looks at the demand drivers, opportunities, challenges and differentiators form global MVNO services, with a focus on the business-to-business market.

Key areas that are covered in the report include:

  • A market review, looking at demand drivers and accelerators for MVNO
  • MVNO types and alternative IoT network providers
  • MNOs’ approach to MVNOs – challenger and incumbent operators
  • MVNO B2B2X opportunities and key challenges
  • Key differentiators for B2B2X MVNOs
  • Recommendations
  • And so much more!

Next Steps for the Canadian MVNO Market

CRTC, in mid-April  2021, announced a new regulation allowing certain regional MNOs of Canada to negotiate and sign interconnect agreements with the country’s National MNOs. This step is expected to empower the regional MNOs to ramp up their services and provide connectivity to its consumers all over the nation.

A Cellnex Mutation Could Upend European Telecom

Europe's regulators have seemed largely oblivious to Cellnex. The Catalonian "towerco" has spent the last few years galloping around Europe and relieving its indebted service providers of the masts on which they hang their basestations. In a region of about half a million towers, Cellnex will own 129,000 in 12 countries once its latest deals are finalized, renting property out to its previous owners.

The Future of MVNO Market: From a Single Niche to Multiple Niches of Opportunities

The US and the global MVNO market are at a turning point. But it’s not a single turn; the market is taking multiple directions and developing in numerous niches. The market that originated from many small and large long-distance, low-cost calling cards specialists, MVNOs are now growing into a different level of sophistication and re-carving new customer segments and customer propositions.

Dish's Stephen Stokols hints at what's next for Boost Mobile

Dish Network entered the US wireless industry last year with the purchase of roughly 9 million mobile customers subscribing to T-Mobile's Boost Mobile brand.

But the company didn't stop there. It subsequently acquired several additional mobile brands including Republic Wireless and Ting. This week, the company added yet another MVNO – Gen Mobile – to its lineup.

MVNA model a winner financially for both MNOs and MVNOs

Setting up a MVNO normally is an onerous task with a lot of resource requirements for an MVNO. Even an MNO has to spend time and resources in planning for a wholesale /MVNO business model. The MVNA model pioneered by entities like Plintron catalyses the creation of MVNOs. The MVNA is an intermediary who makes setting up of an MVNO business easy as it provides a complete end to end package to both the MVNO and the MNO.

Mediacom taps Ericsson to connect rural areas with wireless broadband

Mediacom, a cable operator that reaches about 1.5 million homes and businesses in 22 states, said it will tap Ericsson's 4G and 5G RAN product mix to launch CBRS-powered Internet services.

Enabling the future of connectivity with eSIM – Ahmed Khattak, CEO, US Mobile

eSIMs are probably not as flashy or as hyperbolic as 5G with ludicrous speeds or movie downloads in seconds. eSIMs are the nascent/quiet revolution in telecom, as significant as streaming was to music. In fact, the impact is likely to be much more meaningful because connectivity is more ubiquitously embedded in our lives—our phones, cars, security systems, wearables, laptops. Envision a world where you can scan a code and connect your phone, watch, drone, or grandma’s iPad from across the country.

Nokia Phone Maker HMD Global Launches MVNO in UK

HMD Global, a Finnish company that makes smartphones under the Nokia brand, announced it will launch an MVNO service on EE's network in the UK.

June 2022
Maritim proArte Hotel,


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Get your hands on the latest in-depth reports & whitepapers, brought to you by MVNOs World Congress, for free!

Open Transformation in Telecoms

This exclusive whitepaper looks to explore today's new challenges and possibilities, including how telecommunications service providers must transform their networks and operations. This whitepaper also delves into the different types of technologies and approaches that are shaping changes to network infrastructure & operations and powering the transformation of telecom.

5 Tips for Open RAN Success

With the rollout of 5G, digital service providers have an opportunity to create revenue streams. It is essential to have the right network and infrastructure in place to maximise the potential of 5G. Download this free infographic to uncover five tips for creating a flexible and scalable RAN that's ready for 5G.

Network Automation for Everyone

This exclusive whitepaper looks to explore how underlying technologies have evolved including how network management has remained largely the same for decades. This whitepaper delves into the complexities of network automation, uncovering business-critical answers to questions.


In an industry as volatile as the MVNO industry, players must adapt quickly and evolve continuously to excel. What does that look like? It could be through transformational business models, the incorporation of new payment or finance services, or through leading the way in new technologies - 5G and IoT, for example. 

Whatever it is, we like to champion success stories. That's why in this exclusive, one-of-a-kind guide for 2020, we lay out the 15 most exciting MVNO players blazing the trail for others in their own special way. This guide serves as a source of insight, inspiration and a way of shining a spotlight on the industry's most exciting innovators. 


Transforming virtual operator capabilities in the digital era through expert insights and high-level networking,

June 2022
Maritim proArte Hotel,

What are the opportunities for MVNOs in Germany?

Download this report by IFG consulting to get insights into key opportunities for MVNOs in Germany; key challenges faced when running a German MVNO; how 5G will benefit MVNOs; IoT and much more!


After MNOs, OEMs turned to third-party MVNOs to provide them with their much-need connectivity. But what if that were to change? What if, instead of relying on third-party MVNOs, OEMs were to cut out the middle man and become MVNOs themselves?

In this fascinating whitepaper, Georges-Harald Bernard lays out the pros and cons for OEMs in outsourcing versus creating connectivity. Starting with an examination of the current services provided by third-party MVNOs, Bernard moves on to an outline of the Multi IMSI domestic full MVNO option for the automotive industry.

In the end, he concludes whether it is better for OEMs to buy or to make their own connectivity. What's is his final conclusion? Discover the answer in your own free copy, available right here...

e-SIM Global Market Report 2020

Where do we stand with eSIM development in 2020? What can we expect from this transformational technology and what new developments are shaping the eSIM market? In this report, we examine the eSIM market as it stands today, uncover the future monetisation opportunities that lay on the horizon. We look at the myriad opportunities that eSIM unlocks for MVNOs and find out what's in store for the future of the SIM's digital counterpart. 

Report: Reinventing the MVNO Business

The MVNO industry is notoriously volatile: there's a shifting regulatory landscape with which to content, mounting mobile pricing pressure, the challenge of effectively addressing niches in the market. It can be a difficult market to navigate. And that's why MVNOs need to be quick to adapt. They need to be agile, and that means going so far as to reconsider the MVNO business model altogether. 

As analyst Dario Talmesio argues, the MVNO model must undergo a radical digital transformation if MVNOs are to face up to these new challenges. Indeed, in this fascinating report Talmesio deep dives into the current state of play in the MVNO market, identifying growth prospects and regions, major industry challenges, and providing one-of-a-kind recommendations as to how MVNOs can reinvent their businesses to thrive in such a competitive and ever-evolving industry. 

Opportunity & Enterprise: German MVNO Market 2020

With combined revenues in excess of €10bn, or 23% of the country’s entire mobile industry turnover, Germany stands out as the biggest domestic MVNO market in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

In this report, we will look at some of the biggest current trends impacting on the global MVNO industry and analyse what we can learn about them through the microcosm of the German sector. 

Find out how 5G rollout is progressing in Germany and what opportunities next-generation networks could open up for Germany’s MVNOs;  what new markets 5G could open up, especially in the enterprise space; about private campus networks, and how MVNOs might be able to stake a claim in a new kind of mobile value chain where enterprises own their own networks directly. Finally, discover more about Germany’s IoT market - the largest in Europe - and the place that MVNOs have in the M2M ecosystem, with particular focus on the automotive and industrial IoT sectors.