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MVNOs World Congress
The Event LoungeBrussels, Belgium

24-26 June 2024

Which technologies will define MVNO digital transformation in 2024?

Neil Shah, Research Vice President, Counterpoint Research, explores how technologies such as eSIM, AI, and the convergence of cloud, will impact MVNOs.

There are more than 2,000 active MVNOs/MVNEs globally, with Europe contributing almost half of them. The convergence of disruptive technologies such as the cloud, 5G, AI, and eSIM, will catalyse this market across both consumer and IoT segments. 

Our team at Counterpoint Research is looking ahead to the 22nd edition of MVNO World Congress, where I will be presenting a market overview of global IoT and B2B eSIM deployments. The congress takes place in Brussels from 24-26 June and is the premier event for the burgeoning MVNO community around the world. 

During MVNO World Congress 2024, the team at Counterpoint Research will be focusing on the following key growth facilitators for global MVNOs. 

Digital Cloud

The advent of the cloud, APIs, and AI has reduced the barriers to digital transformation, and enabled the emergence of MVNOs/MVNEs that are end-to-end digital, agile, and disruptive.  

Hyperscalers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, are playing a significant role (along with partners like Plintron, Optiva, and NTT) to help MVNOs in this journey. 

The cloud-native approach helps MVNOs not only reduce the time-to-market but also efficiently acquire, activate, support, analyse, optimise, and manage (via connectivity management platforms, AI and analytics) the customer experience and business performance.

Seamless Connectivity

Standardisation efforts around connectivity (primarily eSIM) by 3GPP, TCA, GSMA, Global Platform and others, are helping digitise the end-to-end connectivity process. This digitisation not only improves customer onboarding and activation experiences but also simplifies integration with core networks, leading to substantial cost savings.  

Seamless eSIM adoption is expected to expand beyond consumers and into IoT, driven by initiatives like GSMA's SGP.32 specifications, plus innovative eSIM entitlements-as-a-service models.  

Key players driving this trend include: Amdocs, Thales, G+D, Idema, Valid, Netlync, Tata Communications (Oasis), Simlessly, Moflix, LotusFlare, Kigen, 10TTech, Workz, and triPica. 

Intelligent Services

The combination of cloud infrastructure and seamless connectivity provided by eSIM forms a robust platform for launching MVNO/MVNE businesses. However, AI will play a crucial role in driving operational efficiencies, agility, and personalised customer experiences.  

Those MVNOs/MVNEs powering millions of customers, devices, and SIMs can leverage static as well as dynamic customer data to study parameters such as usage, behaviour, content, intent, and marketing. This can then allow the MVNO/MVNE to build intelligent generative data models and frameworks. 

Incorporating generative AI for data analysis and decision-making is important for optimising business and customer journeys. AI-powered self-care and customised services will help MVNOs/MVNEs differentiate themselves in the market. However, it is important to note that alongside these advancements – ensuring data privacy, information security, and responsible AI practices is imperative. These considerations must be baked into the AI adoption process to maintain trust and compliance within the industry. 

Key players in this space include technology giants like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. There are also specialised companies offering solutions to help MVNOs harness the power of AI and build intelligent platforms, such as Amdocs,, and Totogi. 

Overall, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for the MVNO/MVNE segment, with technology trends paving the way for collective growth and differentiation through digital transformation and intelligent integration. 

Neil Shah will be speaking at MVNOs World Congress 2024. Join us in Brussels from 24-26 June 2024 to discuss the latest industry developments impacting the MVNO sector.