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MVNOs World Congress
MVNOs World Congress | 6-7 June 2023, Amsterdam
MVNOs World Digital Symposium | 7-8 December 2022

MVNOs World Congress | 6-7 June 2023, Amsterdam
MVNOs World Digital Symposium | 7-8 December 2022

Service Differentiation at MVNOs World Congress

Learn more about the developing relationships between MVNOs, Banks and OEMs in their efforts to remain competitive

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More About Service Differentiation

With growth continuing in the mature markets, impressive steps have been made in those that are emerging and developing. This has seen the MVNOs market share continue to rise to as much as 15% in some regions. This has attracted the interest of operators, device manufacturers and now banks who are all rolling out their own MVNOs that offer out-of-the-box connectivity and wider network coverage. With this pressure from bigger brands, it is more important than ever for MVNOs to diversify their product offerings to remain competitive. We look at the new kids on the block and learn more about how they are diversifying their offering's.

Answering the latest burning questions

about financial services through these panel discussions...

The MVNO Opportunity for Banks

How MVNOs and MVNEs can assist banks in managing their mobile offerings – the panel lead the discussion with case-studies of operators moving into financial services.

Realising the mobile payments opportunity

How will Blockchain help telco operators understand their digital customer management capabilities? Learn from our panel of industry experts as they navigate through the Blockchain opportunities.

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looking at the relationship between car manufacturers and MVNOs

MVNOs for the automotive ecosystem

Could the MVNO model help car OEMs keep consistency in their branding, services and customer experience all over the world? We look into traditional MNOs contracting, third party MVNOs, the full MVNO model directly controlled by OEMs.

The case for OEMs to become MVNOs

As auto manufacturers need to ensure data security and variety of services offered, it’s now crucial for them to control the core network to which their applicative servers will be connected. We look at the pros and cons of existing wireless solutions for car manufacturers and how to provide robust, secured and cost-effective cellular connectivity for the connected and autonomous car.

Network with OEMs and Operators through...


Learn More About Fintech

In this report, we will delve into what mobile industry insiders need to know about Fintech. We will take a look at what constitutes Fintech, what the main growth sectors are, and what benefits it offers compared to conventional financial services. Then we will take a look at the relationship between FinTech and mobile, focusing on why so many Fintech services are mobile native. We will analyse the benefits mobile offers both to Fintech companies and to consumers, and then look at what’s in it for mobile operators, focusing on the most developed Fintech sub-sector of all - mobile payments.