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8:50am 9:00am (10 mins)

Main agenda

Facilitating developments for the digital economy & the hyper-connected world

  • Economics strategies and business models: Gigabit strategy and Next Generation Networking technology
  • Investigating new capex, revenue, infrastructure support & software differentiation
  • Delivering on the benefits of optical spending expansion & upgrade cycles 
  •  Preparing for IoT, video and 5G
  • Vladimir Kozlov - Founder & CEO, LightCounting

9:00am 9:30am (30 mins)

Main agenda

Interview on stage: How Service Providers transform their networks in order to support new Cloud applications

  • Amy Wheelus - VP – Cloud & D2 Platform Integration, AT&T

9:30am 10:00am (30 mins)

Main agenda

Open Optical Networks With Zero Touch Operation

  • Why open optical networks?
  • Degrees of open optical networks
  • Simplifying operations within the optical network

 SDN control from planning to service activation

  • Joe Mocerino - Principal Solutions Architect, Fujitsu Network Communications

10:00am 10:40am (40 mins)

Main agenda

Oxford Style Debates: The Role of Open Source vs. Continuing Down the Path of Traditional Standards/Standardization

  • How do we as an industry become more agile when our traditional standards bodies are taking years to develop new standards?
  • Opening open source community as a model to bring new solutions to market in a faster and more flexible manner.
  • With the proliferation of ‘open’ organizations, are we risking fragmentation and too many competing approaches?
  • Explore paths forward for resource/data models and APIs, as well as open optical equipment
  • Moderator Vladimir Kozlov - Founder & CEO, LightCounting
  • Amy Wheelus - VP – Cloud & D2 Platform Integration, AT&T
  • Roderick Dottin - Project Manager- Fiber Collocation, Orange

10:40am 11:40am (60 mins)

Main agenda

Morning Refreshments, Exhibition Visit, Demos & Speed Networking

One of the most popular features in 2016! Speed Networking is an efficient, face-to-face professional networking model similar to “speed dating” that enables participants to make new contacts through one-on-one focused conversations lasting between 2-4 minutes. Speed networking helps you forge new connections during the event. These are informal, fun and highly effective introduction sessions giving you a maximum exposure to a large number of conference participants in the shortest time!

11:40am 12:10pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Disaggregation of the ROADM node

  • Roderick Dottin - Project Manager- Fiber Collocation, Orange

12:10pm 1:00pm (50 mins)

Main agenda

Panel Discussion: The path to 400G and beyond

Where are we at? (There are two separate discussions that can be had here – one for 400G in the data center/client side optics, and the other for telecom applications including metro/DCI, long haul and subsea

  • Vladimir Kozlov - Founder & CEO, LightCounting
  • Eric Timm - Chief Ethernet Architect, TDS Telecommunications Corp
  • Jon Bachtold - CTO, CIRBN
  • Scott Wilkinson - Senior Director, Portfolio Marketing, ECI Telecom

1:00pm 2:30pm (90 mins)

Main agenda


Eat with the Experts:  Service Providers hosted Lunch Tables We know that hearing someone speak for 30 or 40 minutes might not always provide enough opportunity for your burning questions to be answered, which is why each of your speakers will be on separate tables during this networking lunch break – so you can do just that.


5G Networks ‘Food for Thought’, topics include 

The number of smartphone users is increasing and expected to reach over 2.5 billion by 2019. The data used per smartphone is also growing optical fiber is the highway for this data through the network.

Are the current networks upgraded and new networks installed for this data demand to be met?


  • How much 5G networks are going to cost the business? Cost vs Return
  • Making sure the network is future-proof for a faster, ultra-low latency and more connected world
  • Roadmaps and success stories 
  • Accelerating 5G Networks Rollout to meet the online video demands
  • Vladimir Kozlov - Founder & CEO, LightCounting
  • Cedric Lam - Engineering Director, Google
  • Brad Booth - Principal Engineer, Microsoft
  • Ayotunde Coker - Managing Director, Rack Centre

2:30pm 3:00pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

Planning a large scale optical mesh network

  • Bottlenecks in traditional optical network planning methodologies
  • Emerging trends in API based management systems
  • Gearing up for automation from demand forecast to deployment - potential challenges and opportunities
  • Sri Bala - Optical Engineer, Facebook

3:00pm 3:30pm (30 mins)

Main agenda

The New SDWAN as a competitor to Metro Fiber

  • Small Cell Implications for Metro Fiber ISPs
  • Right of Way Congestion
  • Fixed Wireless and/or LTE solution add
  • 10g Customer Lit Access
  • Channel Partner Program
  • Jon Bachtold - CTO, CIRBN

3:30pm 4:10pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Afternoon Refreshments & Exhibition Visit

4:10pm 4:30pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

OIF – Making Transport SDN a Reality

Transport SDN enables the NGON with the flexibility to handle new and disruptive service and bandwidth demands.  In 2015 the OIF proposed a Transport SDN Framework which sparked development of industry standards and open source software development in industry SDOs such as the ONF and IETF for Transport APIs to monitor and control carrier multi-domain transport networks.  This talk discusses OIF's plans for a program of multi-vendor interoperability testing and certification of Transport SDN API implementations to bridge the gap between standards and deployment of solutions, and address the key use cases for carriers’ optical networks.

  • Lyndon Ong - Market Awareness & Education Committee Co-Chair, OIF

4:30pm 4:50pm (20 mins)

Main agenda

Multiplayer SDN (packet + transport) that captures value based architecture of SDN

  • Mazen Khaddam - Principal Lead Network Architect, Cox

4:50pm 5:30pm (40 mins)

Main agenda

Panel discussion: The service provider transport SDN experience

  • What are their biggest technical challenges? What are their biggest non-technical challenges? Where are they starting this journey – in the access, metro, edge, core?
  • How far along are they in their deployments? How well is the solution scaling? And are you seeing real OPEX savings?
  • Have they had organizational or people issues?
  • Are they using hierarchical controller architectures?
  • Are they combining IP/MPLS and Optical network infrastructure under SDN control? Are they targeting mobile backhaul/fronthual for SDN control and enablement?
  • Vladimir Kozlov - Founder & CEO, LightCounting
  • Mans Jabal - Senior Network Architect, Sears Holdings

5:30pm 7:10pm (100 mins)

Main agenda

Cocktail reception

As part of the formal conference schedule, you are invited to join us for the cocktail drinks reception on the evening of day one. Make new contacts and reconnect with your peers in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere