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08:50 09:00 (10 mins)

Main agenda

Analyst Insights: Optical network evolution: insights from the analyst in the field

  • Relating network deployments to the revenue generating services they can enable
  • Progressing through 200G to 400G and beyond
  • How to deliver optical network evolution and differentiation and handle the future capacity crunch as an optical industry
  • Outlining the challenges and needs: What are the solutions?
  • Andrew Schmitt - Founder, Cignal AI

09:00 09:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Facilitating fibre developments for the digital economy & the hyper-connected world

  • Equipment market: spending trends and technology shifts
  • Network of the future: Telecom Infra Project
  • Emerging bandwidth drivers and optical metrics
  • Discussing the business case options and technology options for new fibre deployment
  • Driving the innovation demand

09:20 10:00 (40 mins)

Main agenda

Oxford Style Debates: Disaggregation: is this the ‘next big thing’ or should we be focusing on integration instead?

  • Evaluating the effect disaggregation going to have on the supply chain evolution
  • How to make technology decisions in a challenging environment
  • Economics and business models for optical network evolution
  • Overview of the changes, challenges and trends disaggregation brings to the industry

Panellists will be divided into two groups. One supporting Disaggregation approach and the other supporting Integration approach.

Each group will try to convince you which approach to choose. The audience will get to vote at the beginning and at the end of the session to choose the winning strategy.

  • Moderator: Andrew Schmitt - Founder, Cignal AI
  • Brad Booth - Principal Engineer, Microsoft
  • Sascha Vorbeck - Head of Network Development Core, Deutsche Telekom
  • Sten Nordell - CTO, Infinera
  • Kevin Smith - Transport Platform Futures, Innovation and Technology Evaluation, BT
  • Joe Marsella - EMEA CTO, Ciena

10:00 10:20 (20 mins)

Main agenda

Omnipresence of OTN network in reform era

  • Next generation drivers for optical network
  • Evolution of OTN network for multiple scenarios
  • Shuai Zhao - Technical Director, European Market, ZTE Corporation

10:40 11:50 (70 mins)

Main agenda

Morning Refreshments, Exhibition Visit, Demos & Speed Networking

One of the most popular features in 2016! Speed Networking is an efficient, face-to-face professional networking model similar to “speed dating” that enables participants to make new contacts through one-on-one focused conversations lasting between 2-4 minutes. Speed networking helps you forge new connections during the event. These are informal, fun and highly effective introduction sessions giving you a maximum exposure to a large number of conference participants in the shortest time!

11:40 11:50 (10 mins)


High speed systems - 100G metro market overview

  • Examining deployment status update
  • Overview of the metro Network evolution
  • Most services are still 10G, what will metro 100/200G do for 10G price?
  • Transport Market Environment
  • Ian Redpath - Principal Analyst, Ovum

11:45 12:05 (20 mins)


Optical Network Evolution for 5G Mobile Applications – A Reality Check

  • Exploring the capabilities of your 5G network, to build adaptive and dynamic infrastructure
  • Enabling accommodation of new services, based on higher capacity and lower latency constraints
  • The human experience for your future business
  • Optical networking and applications - 5G a reality check
  • Lieven Levrau - Director Product Line Management Optical Networks Strategy, Nokia

12:05 12:25 (20 mins)


The evolution to autonomous self-driving packet optical networks

  • Exploring a fully programmable optical network, coupled with real time network analytics and policy
  • Enabling an intelligent self-driving optical network that makes better business decisions
  • Joe Marsella - EMEA CTO, Ciena

12:15 12:35 (20 mins)


An insight into one of the largest Carriers plans and thinking

  • Mattias Fridstrom - VP & Head of Technology, TeliaSonera International Carrier

12:35 12:55 (20 mins)


Only at NGON 2017! ‘Ask the audience’ session on Evolving towards 400G and 1 TBit in the fast changing digital world

An industry leading expert will lead an interactive voting session and you will get a chance to have your say on the most prominent optical networks questions. Results will be shown live on the big screen. Get your smart devises ready to vote! Be prepared to express your opinion.   

Among the questions:

  • When do you think mass deployment of 400 Gbps WDM wavelengths will be
  • What will be the main driver for 400 Gbps WDM deployments?
  • When will you start to deploy 400 Gbps WDM in the metro?
  • When will you start to deploy 400 Gbps in the long haul?
  • Ian Redpath - Principal Analyst, Ovum

12:50 13:10 (20 mins)


Why next generation coherent is driving the need for more intelligent optical networks

  • Why next gen coherent requires a more intelligent optical network
  • The limitations of today’s optical networks with separate planning and management/control systems
  • The challenges of measuring actual optical performance (i.e. margin)
  • The benefits of a more intelligent optical network: reach/capacity, provisioning, opex, etc
  • Paul Momtahan - Director of Optical Solution Marketing, Coriant

11:50 12:00 (10 mins)

Optical DCI

Increased capacity need between data centres: challenges and opportunities

  • What are the capacity needs and how to handle them
  • Predicting and safeguarding for the future
  • Which applications will drive higher DCI requirements?
  • Acceleration, M2M, Genomics
  • Not only interconnectivity but also LANs- this branch of optical networking will be developing very fast in the nearest future
  • Sterling Perrin - Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading

12:00 12:20 (20 mins)

Optical DCI

Data Centre Interconnect and evolving optical networking: focus on Europe

  • Market: High Bandwidth trends, drivers and key spots
  • Challenges: current barriers & how to overcome them?
  • Future: how to be more agile?
  • Aaron Partouche - Marketing & Business Development Director, Colt

12:20 12:40 (20 mins)

Optical DCI

Is there still a role for non-coherent transport?

  • Niall Robinson - Vice President Global Business Development, ADVA Optical Networking

12:40 13:00 (20 mins)

Optical DCI

Disaggregation for highly efficient data center Interconnect wide area networks

  • Data Center control concepts and networking paradigms are moving into the DCI WAN
  • Such approaches, e.g. disaggregation of functions and SDN control can provide more scalability, higher efficiency and more flexibility
  • This requires an ecosystem of easy to integrate and open systems
  • Industry initiatives such as TIP and Open ROADM are targeting this new “openness” in Wide Area Networking
  • The benefits of disaggregated DCI solutions drive down power consumption and network costs and at the same time enable agility to support new business models and services
  • Bill Kautz - Director Strategic Solutions Marketing, Coriant

13:00 13:20 (20 mins)

Optical DCI

Interview on stage: Challenges and opportunities for DC providers in Africa region

  • The strategic impact of carrier neutral data centres for Africa
  • Africa now has a few carrier neutral data centres with wide ranging connectivity.
  • The systemic impact of carrier neutral data centres have been demonstrated in other geographies.
  • Rack Centre is the most connected data centre in West Africa and a leading carrier neutral data in Africa
  • How has this been achieved and what are the strategic implications for the continent.
  • Ayotunde Coker - Managing Director, Rack Centre

13:20 14:30 (70 mins)

Main agenda


Eat with the Experts:  Service Providers hosted Lunch Tables We know that hearing someone speak for 30 or 40 minutes might not always provide enough opportunity for your burning questions to be answered, which is why each of your speakers will be on separate tables during this networking lunch break – so you can do just that.

  • Kevin Smith - Transport Platform Futures, Innovation and Technology Evaluation, BT
  • Mattias Fridstrom - VP & Head of Technology, TeliaSonera International Carrier
  • Brad Booth - Principal Engineer, Microsoft
  • Bartek Raszczyk - Network Architect, LINX
  • Sascha Vorbeck - Head of Network Development Core, Deutsche Telekom

14:30 15:10 (40 mins)

Optical DCI

Oxford Style Debates: Which material is best for photonic integration - Indium Phosphide vs Silicon Photonics

Panellists will be divided into two groups. One supporting Silicon Photonics and the other supporting InP.

Each group will try to convince you which technology to choose. The audience will get to vote at the beginning and at the end of the session to choose the winning strategy.

  • James Regan - CEO, EFFECT Photonics B.V.
  • Dimitris Tsiokos - Senior Research Fellow, PhosNET Research Group, Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

15:10 15:30 (20 mins)

Optical DCI

Fireside Chat: Photonic Technology innovation at its best

Hear real case study examples from handpicked solution providers who will showcase their solutions in a quick-fire format.

  • Geoff Bennett - Director, Solutions & Technology, Infinera

15:30 16:30 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Afternoon Refreshments & Exhibition Visit

16:30 17:10 (40 mins)

Optical DCI

The Photonics Café: Predicting how photonic technologies will evolve in the next 5-10 years

Drill down round tables session. Your opportunity to join the debate, pose questions and contribute in an intimate, relaxed environment. Facilitated both by industry practitioners and leading solution providers, each round table will discuss a designated topic on the future of Photonics.

Among the topics:                                               

  • Café discussion on: How is Photonic Integration enabling Cost Effective Datacom, Metro and Long Haul Applications?
  • Café discussion on: What are the Photonic Integration Alternatives?
  • Café discussion on: Silicon Photonics– Yesterday’s Hype, Today’s Reality, Tomorrow’s Vision – Discussing the Flexible State-of-the-Art Silicon Photonics Platform
  • Dimitris Tsiokos - Senior Research Fellow, PhosNET Research Group, Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

17:10 17:30 (20 mins)

Optical DCI

Summarizing the Photonics Café

Summarizing the Photonics Café where elected members of the Café session will come on stage to summarise each topic discussions.

Followed by The Photonics Open Awards

Moderators and speakers will award a few people from the audience for their interaction within the Photonics afternoon. From the best question to the most innovative member of the audience, make sure you come prepared with your most burning questions about photonics future. Some fantastic bottles of Local Californian wine are among the prizes!

14:30 14:50 (20 mins)


Optical technologies to support the evolving role of data centers in the network

The emergence of hyper-scale datacenters over the past five years has driven the market & technology for submarine & terrestrial fiber cables. Metro & access networks are now evolving to support the continuing proliferation of edge datacenters that move storage & compute power to the edge of the network. These distributed datacenters meet the needs of multi-tenancy, local caching of content, CO Transformation for NFV & SDN, machine learning for IoT, and processing power for 5G wireless and automated vehicles networks.

  • Robert Lingle - Director, Market and Technology Strategy, OFC

14:50 15:10 (20 mins)


Finding a new solution for 100G networks and beyond

  • Applicable standards for Optical-Signal-to-Noise Ratio (OSNR) measurements at 100G/200G
  • Why old OSNR methods do not work for 100G+ signals
  • A new innovative method to measure in-service the OSNR of 100G+ signals
  • Fundamentals of Ethernet testing including Service Activation Methodologies such as RFC5349 and ITU.T Y.1564 EtherSAM
  • Demystify the different types of optical interfaces including CFP4, QSFP28, QSFP+ and other pluggable transceivers and how to best troubleshoot issues or failures
  • Arthur Moll - Business Development Manager - EMEA, EXFO Europe Ltd

15:10 15:30 (20 mins)


Commercial and technical challenges of ubiquitous FTTH roll-out

  • Building an FTTH business case versus do-nothing (sweating copper assets) scenario
  • Gigabit Jersey project update versus original BC
  • Lessons learnt for roll-out efficiency and deployment solutions
  • Plans for complete copper service shutdown via forced migration
  • Thierry Bertholou - CTO, Jersey Telecom Global

15:30 16:30 (60 mins)

Main agenda

Afternoon Refreshments & Exhibition Visit

16:30 16:50 (20 mins)


Abstraction vs. Virtualization: State of the Industry

  • So many industry API’s: do we need them all?
  • OpenConfig vs. OpenROADM vs. IETF vs. OIF vs. ?
  • API intersection with Aggregated and Disaggregated optical networking
  • Commonly proposed control architectures
  • Ready for production networks?
  • Niall Robinson - Vice President Global Business Development, ADVA Optical Networking

16:50 17:20 (30 mins)


Terrestrial innovations that can be borrowed by submarine networks

  • What are the needs of the submarine cable system operators?
  • Benchmarking with terrestrial network new technologies and solutions
  • 100G and other innovations in the terrestrial network for higher capacity, longer reach and enhanced flexibility
  • 100G as a driver for the submarine market?
  • Moderator Ian Redpath - Principal Analyst, Ovum
  • Andy Lumsden - Head of Network Services, Telstra
  • Chris Towery - Product Line Operations Manager, Submarine and Terrestrial Optical Fiber, Corning Optical Fiber and Cable

17:20 17:40 (20 mins)


Giving intelligence to performance parameters

  • Planing tool comparison with real network on multi vendor
  • Multiple operations on multiple equipment on one shut
  • Checking Channel Flatness on multiple DWDM networks
  • Fatih Mercimek - Optical Transmission Expert, Turk Telecom
  • Engin Danışman - Optical Transmission Expert, Turk Telecom

17:40 19:40 (120 mins)

Main agenda

Cocktail reception and VIP Beach Party

As part of the formal conference schedule, you are invited to join us for the cocktail drinks reception on the evening of day one. Make new contacts and reconnect with your peers in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Stay tuned for more details on the venue