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Network X Americas
May 20-22, 2025
Irving Convention Center at Las ColinasDallas, Texas

Enterprise Network and Security Summit

Elevate your knowledge, fortify your defenses, and be part of the driving force shaping the future of secure enterprise networks.

In partnership with TeleGeography, we’re delighted to introduce the Enterprise Network & Security Summit, focussing on the most recent innovations, issues, and trends impacting enterprise networks. This summit brings together professionals, experts, and thought leaders from various industries to discuss and share insights into creating robust, secure, and efficient network infrastructures.

Key Topics

Join us on day one of LR Network X Americas to attend the Enterprise Network & Security Summit, where innovation meets resilience in the digital age. This conference brings together industry leaders, enterprise network managers, cybersecurity specialists, and IT professionals to discuss cutting-edge solutions and strategies in the ever-changing environment of business networks and security.

Digital Transformation

Zero Trust/SASE




Session Highlights

The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Network Team

  • How can enterprises make the network central to innovation rather than merely reactive to other IT needs?
  • How do network teams optimize underlay product selection to meet digital transformation needs?
  • How have digital transformation and technologies like Generative AI impacted the network?
  • How are enterprises automating networks and what benefits does this bring?

Beyond the Castle and Moat– Zero Trust, SASE, and Securing the Modern WAN

  • What elements of SASE have been the first/easiest for enterprises to adopt?
  • What do enterprises find are the greatest challenges in updating their network security posture?
  • How should enterprises navigate the vendor/channel partner landscape to find the best providers for various security services?
  • Manged, co-managed, or unmanaged – what is the best approach to security and how might it differ by vertical?

Moving Toward the Network of the Future

  • Fireside chat with an enterprise network manager about how their network has evolved and how digital transformation will impact the network. It will cover emerging trends such as NaaS, network automation, and how the network can become a central player in the company’s innovation strategy.

Who should attend?

WAN/IT Infrastructure Managers

  • See what your peers have done with network product mix and configurations
  • Understand how to integrate security in the internet-first WAN
  • Learn real world use cases for NaaS and where carriers are with offering these services end-to-end
  • Evaluate sourcing strategies from global one-stop-shop telcos to local ISPs
  • Learn how the network can become a source of innovation for many lines of business

Network Architects

  • Understand SD-WAN’s impact on underlay networks
  • Optimize bandwidth selection and underlay product mix
  • See what is coming in network automation

Telecom and Network Services Purchasers

  • Better visibility in to the global provider landscape
  • Understand the impact of sourcing choices on network performance, SLAs, and of course cost
  • Evaluate sourcing strategies from global one-stop-shop telcos to local ISPs

Network Security Specialists

  • Understand the needs of the network team and how they are best integrated with cybersecurity
  • How to integrate security into network services, particularly SD-WAN
  • Finding the right vendors for a full SASE stack, and deciding what level of management suits your company’s needs


  • Understanding the key issues in network management
  • Impact your company’s larger digital transformation or IT strategy
  • Understand the options in IT infrastructure management and how network professionals are working through that complexity
  • See how emerging network technologies and strategies can become a business enabler

WAN Manager Survey 2022

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The WAN Manager Survey 2022 reveals that enterprise networking is stabilizing post-pandemic, with trends like cloud migration, SD-WAN adoption, and Network-as-a-Service exploration. The decline in MPLS has slowed, leading some enterprises to create private backbones between data centers and core sites. Sourcing strategies are merging for MPLS and DIA, while broadband is divided between carriers and ISPs. Network managers are expected to continue reevaluating configurations due to emerging technologies. The survey focused on three main areas: current network configurations, SD-WAN adoption factors, and cloud connection methods including NaaS adoption