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Future connectivity use cases and the Holy Grail: Private networks, metaverse, 6G and beyond

Whether it be media, advertising, or IT and cloud, it is not easy for a carrier to enter new markets...

Telecoms history is full of communication service providers (CSPs) that shot themselves in the foot trying to move into new areas outside of their comfort zone. Whether it be media, advertising, or IT and cloud, it is not easy for a carrier to enter new markets.  

With 5G being widely available in North America, CSPs are fiercely competing for a slice of the enterprise market. Even though many initiatives and partnerships have been announced, ROI still seems a long way ahead as CSPs face challenges on all fronts; from network quality, semiconductor industry readiness, responding to the enterprises’ innovate ambitions or connecting with all decision-makers, CSPs taking too much onto their plate, at the risk of stretching too thin, and much more. 

When Omdia asked the question, which 5G services are your organisations using or planning to use, the responders showed an important willingness to adopt new services in the coming 2 years (right).

Are CSPs well prepared and equipped to respond to demonstrated interest?

According to the recent Private LTE and 5G Network Enterprise Survey Insight 'Year-over-year, enterprises continue to see telecom operators as the best partners for private networks.’...’98% of respondents are willing to purchase other services and 82% are willing to purchase other technologies with private LTE and 5G networks. The question remains, are CSPs well prepared and equipped to respond to that interest? 

Source: Omdia Enterprise Services Market Insights – 2022 

Pablo Tomasi

Principal Analyst, Private Networks & Chairman

Omdia & Private Networks Track, Big 5G 2023

“The US is the single largest private networks market contributing to 25% of all announced private networks rollouts. Yet, competition is still raging for who will make the most of this opportunity, with Service Providers, Hyperscalers, Vendors, And Alternative Providers all battling to gain leadership.”

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