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Network Next
May 21-23, 2024
Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, Texas

May 21-23, 2024
Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, Texas


We understand that running events is no easy task and you are always looking to find ways to extend your audience reach with greater impact than your competition. How do you ensure your thought leadership, demos and stories are seen and heard through all the noise?

The Network Next Marketing Campaign

The Big 5G event and Light Reading are uniquely placed to deliver your key message to all delegates, attendees and readers. Our vast database of over 500,000 global registered users means we can reach your target audience.

The Richest Audience

Every month our websites attract over 480,000 unique visitors, 1.3 million page views, and our newsletters are delivered to over 220,000 opt-in subscribers, all of whom will be reading about the Big 5G event.

Exclusive audience access

We offer exclusive access to the Big 5G and Light Reading audience, meaning that your proposition will cut through like no other.

Engaging Content

And because we have a content and research team of Omdia working with us, with the most compelling storyboards, we can increase the potency of your outreach. 

Simple Management

And because we’re working as one team, the management of your Big 5G marketing campaign will be delivered through one team working with shared objectives. No frustrating divides for you to bridge between content, digital and physical teams.

The Highlights

  • No frustrating divides for you to bridge between content, digital and physical teams.
  • We’ll also customise the data feed for each campaign into your CRM.
  • Simple, engaging, potent marketing communications.

Generate leads before the event

Audiences are most receptive to early communication, Informa Tech research shows that 74% of target Service Provider attendees actively prepare for an event visit by first searching for content and resources prior to the event. 

Given the right information, 33% will then move to schedule a meeting with sponsors or exhibitors. Make sure your profile is as up to date as possible to not miss vital leads.

Brand exposure

A dedicated company page on the event website, app and in the newly launched Resource Guide:

  • Basic information including your logo, website and a brief description
  • Up to 3 related resource assets, such as videos, white papers, press releases, etc
  • Link for "Contact Me" information email address, link to form/calendar

Marketing hub

Access to a marketing hub with pre-made collateral to share with your network, including:

  • Custom landing pages to share with your network 
  • Banners for your company and team to share on social media
  • Branded email invitations to personally invite your network

Personalised marketing assets

Personalised marketing assets, including banners and discount codes to encourage your network to meet you face to face

To help you secure the greatest mindshare, we offer:


Two (2) Innovator Videos

o One shot prior to Big 5G – prior to live launch

o One shot at Big 5G

Marketing Promotion

You get promotions a month before Big 5G and a month after Big 5G and Client branding on all ads. 212x212 house ads, ROS, IMU, Leaderboard, Welcome Ads.

Big 5G Newsletter Sponsorships

Newsletter sponsorship includes one leaderboard and one IMU unit (both exclusive

At the Event

Big 5G Custom Video Filmed at Big 5G

Each video we film is guaranteed to amplify your company’s messaging and branding beyond Big 5G and comes with:

· License to reuse content. We produce it, you keep it.

· Hosting and syndication across Light Reading.

· Video amplification across Light Reading’s social media channels.

· Ongoing access to Light Reading.

After the Event

The days following Big 5G are a critical opportunity for sponsors to continue building momentum and nurturing attendees towards actions that convert into greater ROI.

Our post-event solutions empower attendees to relive the best moments from the event while serving as a content gateway for those unable to attend.

· Outshine competitors and increase the ROI of your event sponsorship

· Engage and extend communication with potential customers after the event

· Showcase event highlights, key messages, and content in an interactive experience

Ready to promote your presence?

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Reach a wider audience

We can help you reach and influence key audiences through end-to-end custom content and digital platform capabilities. Download the brochure today to find out how.

Want more support?

We're here to help you promote your presence at Big 5G! Get in touch if you have any questions or need additional support.