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Future Vision Executive Summit
30 November - 1 December 2022

30 November - 1 December 2022

Hear from industry game-changers. Join the conversation. Shape the future of telecoms.

Join OMDIA visionaries for a real-world examination of the challenges and opportunities facing the communications industry

What is the OMDIA Future Vision Summit?

The 2021 event delivers two days of hard-hitting research and opinions from the industry's most senior and influential executives, as well as live face-to-face interaction with your peers. The OMDIA Future Vision Summit is 2 events in 1…

Each day will kick off with an industry insights session from OMDIA’s leading minds and industry game-changers, sharing their perspectives of what the future holds for the telecoms market.

Secondly, we are honoured to host an exclusive gathering of 100+ of the world’s most senior service providers. Designed to encourage candid and open discussion, we have shaken up the format and content of this portion of the event into a series of lively, closed-door virtual roundtables, hosted by OMDIA analysts under Chatham House Rule.

the CSP market and the key to recovery


is how much CSP mobile revenues are expected to grow by 2025


is the predicted growth of consumer market by 2026


is how much CSPs will spend on IT in the next 3 years

2 events in 1

The agenda in a nutshell at the Future Vision Summit.

Free to attend: Industry Insights Sessions

Each day of the event will kick off with free-to-attend industry insights session from OMDIA’s leading minds and industry game-changers, sharing their perspectives of what the future holds for the telecoms market. Open to all attendees, don't miss the following:

  • What is the ‘future vision’ for telecom operators? Will the digital telco ever become reality?
  • Let’s make like banana and split! Sprinting out of the shadow of 2020
  • The clock is ticking: How and when will the potential of 5G being delivered?
  • Can telcos confidently plant their flag on the promised land of Open Source?
  • 5G, Private Networks and the Enterprise Delusion: Are we on the same page?

Executive Invite-Only Roundtables

These exclusive invitation-only exclusive roundtables are reserved for CxO-SVP seniority representatives from service providers, as well as hand picked selection of enterprise decision makers. The themed roundtables will explore the following:

  • What are the top priorities for telco CEOs in the next 5 years?
  • Purposeful Telecoms: Plotting the map to CSR success
  • Putting the future into Future Vision: What will the 6G world look like?
  • Telcos Transitioning: How can telecom operators successfully redefine their role?
  • Telcos and hyperscalers: Partners on the edge?
  • Navigating the dramatically changing telco vendor landscape

the top priorities for service providers in 2021

Evan Kirchheimer, Research VP, Service Provider & Comms, OMDIA

“Service providers took a hit in 2020, but the good news is that they are recovering, with revenues bouncing back in Q3; early indications are this will continue for Q4. It’s critical the pandemic not be seen as an excuse to avoid addressing perennial challenges such as monetizing 5G, growing in consumer and enterprise, and adopting a transformational approach to modernizing their own systems and cultures. These issues must be the top priorities in 2021.”

Dario Talmesio, Research Director, OMDIA

''Service Provides platonic love for all things digital will finally see some action in 2021. After shedding the weight of non-core assets and sharing the burden of uber-commoditized ones, CSPs will have the means to invest in software-and-cloud-inspired business practices and business models. In 2021 CSPs will start the transition from being a company that aggregates OTT services into a business that can embed all services – homegrown and third-party – into the network fabric.''

Daryl Schoolar, Practice Leader, OMDIA

''In 2021 service providers will be making decisions that will impact them for at least a decade. 5G provides the catalyst for this. With rollouts of 5G networks service providers will be making long term decisions on vendor partners, network architectures, spectrum usage, and rationalization and modernization of legacy networks. The choices operators make now will impact the services they deliver at least until 2030.''

The biggest strategic questions at the forefront of telecom leaders' minds.

The topics and themes the agenda will explore in 2021:

Redefining Telcos as Tech Companies

Technology Convergence

COVID-19 Impact

Cultural & Operational Transformation

Customer Experience & Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility in Telecoms

Changing Telco Vendor Landscape

5G Services

Cloudification of Telcos