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Africa Tech Festival
7-11 November 2022

7-11 November 2022

Industry 4.0

African IoT use cases and industry 4.0 in practice

Industry 4.0 will look at IoT big data convergence, management, processing and building sustainable technological ecosystems in the health fintech and agtech industries.

About the topic

Industry 4.0 and the growing rate of IoT deployment is fast overcoming any barrier to IoT adoption as business leaders, governments and IT experts work together to implement smarter and more secure tech focused IoT projects. From factories to countries, and fuelled by a Covid – 19 pandemic everything is getting smarter and more secure, sophisticated solutions are being built across the many different industries. Industry 4.0 will look at IoT big data convergence, management, processing and building sustainable technological ecosystems in the health fintech and agtech industries.

The amount of data created by connected devices is a growing concern for businesses and we’ll focus on discussing new technologies and methodologies that will allow firms to keep up with this large influx of data created by rising innovation across Africa.

Dr. Miriam Altman - South Africa's Digital Readiness for the 4IR

We spoke with Miriam Altman (University of Johannesburg & The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa ) to learn more about the report, as well as digital solutions that are emerging to enable safe return to work and travel, and what it means to connect the next billion.

Key sessions include:

The IoT Future – from a theoretical concept to a major priority for many companies

  • Smarter and more secure tech bringing to life intuitive human to machine interactivity particularly in education, entertainment and healthcare
  • Maturing AI technologies mirroring IoT capabilities
  • Major cellular providers rolling out enhanced 5G networks providing fast networks

The Smart Things are getting Smarter fuelled by a Covid accelerated digital transformation

  • Consumer, Commercial, Infrastructure and Industrial IOT all driving upward growth
  • Overcoming the barriers to IOT adoption – talent, staying current, security (from core to cloud) and having trusted partners
  • Designing the future factory as smart manufacturing, robotics and AI combine  (Kenya, Rwanda, SA, Mauritius and Nigeria)
  • Smartening the cities with the explosion of devices - automating, remotely controlling and gathering data through kiosks, surveillance, bike rentals and taxis

The Data explosion and other IoT challenges

  • Securing and integrating the many IoT devices and networks
  • Devices generating exponentially more data in the future
  • Preventing the cyber attacks by implementing IoT security measures and safe storage solutions required for data
  • Managing and utilising the vast amount of data generated by rising innovation and increasing demand.

Building secure, sophisticated solutions in different industries benefitting from better automation and interconnectedness

  • Health and Fitness healthcare advances include remote monitoring and telemonitoring that can significantly improve healthcare services quality, speed and footprint through Africa. IoT playing a huge role in creating monitoring hardware and applications to track patients   health.The smart clothing market growth due to increased awareness of sports and fitness needs, mainly due to Covid 19 will help this part of IoT market soar..
  • Fintech - rapid increase of innovations in fintech delivering smarter customer service, smoother interactions between finance devices, smarter ecosystems in banks. The huge rise in fintech mobility solution providers
  • AgTech increasing levels of control or livestock and crops leading to massive efficiencies of scale, cutting costs and managing precious resources such a water. Smart sensors tracking temp, precipitation, crop health and any anomalies to prevent disease and infestation