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NGON & DCI World
21 - 23 June 2022, Barcelona

Data Center World 2021: A Virtual Experience


Data Center World 2021 | 7-8 July 2021: A Virtual Experience delivers expert strategy and insight on the technologies and concepts you need to plan, manage, and optimize your data center. The data center is in an escalating state of transition, and with global disruptions to business, commerce, and travel, the need for running efficient reliable data centers is more important than at any time in history. It’s essential for healthcare, government, education, research, retail, and manufacturing industries to effectively manage data centers, and they need to do so with an intimate understanding of advancements in cloud platforms, co-location, edge computing, facilities management, and environmental issues. It’s imperative to stay on top of these developments. It’s also important to make smart decisions about what workloads should be kept on-premises and what ones should be offloaded in order to maximize the utility of the changing workforce – that is, how much capacity should you be prepared to manage and with what data center design? Additionally, data center managers are becoming more aware of, and are responding to, environmental impacts and costs created by the data center.

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