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April 2022
Location TBC

RISC-V Summit, Brought to You by Informa Tech, Is Now

EMBEDDED IOT WORLD | April 28 - 29, 2021

This virtual event is designed for developers, architects, engineers, and technicians building embedded systems to fuel the future of IoT.


Device Security & Safety

It has never been so important to create secure, safe, and dependable devices. Learn how to build systems that are difficult to attack, and even more difficult to hack.

Processors & Instruction-Set Architectures

The embedded ecosystem is undergoing a huge shift in open-source developments with RISC-V as an exciting alternative. Stay updated on the changes in processor power and what this means for the industry going forward.

Embedded Industrial IoT

There can be no Industrial IoT without the embedded systems, sensors, and actuators needed to create a smart environment. Dive into the technical IIoT and use cases featuring automotive and devices inside the car, manufacturing and the processing power needed in a smart factory, sensors on the smart grid, and more.

Edge Computing & Processing

Edge computing is transforming the way we perceive data and the definition of “the edge” has drastically changed in the past five years.  Discover new opportunities for edge in the embedded community.  


Building an embedded device into IoT requires connectivity. Explore the wide variety of new connectivity options and communications for the industry, including 5G, LoRa, LPWAN, Private LTE, WiFi.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As processing power increases, computing and data center resources must also keep up. Learn more about the impact AI and ML are having on the development of IoT as a technology.