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Ashish Darbari


Dr Ashish Darbari is the founder and CEO of Axiomise - a company with the vision of enabling formal for all design and verification engineers. Ashish brings his passion and experience in using formal for over two decades to Axiomise. He has extensive experience in all formal technologies, including higher-order theorem proving using Coq and HOL 4 theorem provers, as well as property checking and equivalence checking tools across the industry, and has trained 150 engineers across the best-known names in the industry.

Ashish has 24 US, UK and EU patents in formal verification and over two dozen research publications. Before starting Axiomise, Ashish was the Director of product management at OneSpin Solutions and a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton. He has also worked at Arm, Intel, General Motors & Imagination Technologies.

Ashish has been glob-trotting for two decades and has enjoyed studying and working in different countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. He has a Bachelor’s (EEE) from India, a Masters (computing) from Germany and a doctorate (computing) from the University of Oxford. Ashish is a Fellow of IETE, Fellow of British Computing Society, and a senior member of IEEE and ACM.